Tesunho PoC Two-Way IP Radio

• This article number includes 1 additional year of PoC server service subscription for Tesunho TH-518, TH-680, TH-682, TM-990 IP radio. Please note that this fee does NOT include the SIM card (GSM cost) subscription required to operate the radio.

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 38.16€ (Net price: 30.05€)
Get to know Tesunho's GSM-based 3G / LTE band PoC radios. Since the devices operate on a GSM network with a SIM card, you can calculate the area coverage of the SIM card provider you are using and its roaming partners. In practice, this means that if you use the SIM card of one of the GSM service providers available in Hungary in your device, you can use the devices with full EU coverage. To operate, you need to purchase a device, a SIM card, and the annual service of the PoC server. In addition to entry-level PoC transceiver radios, the manufacturer also sells models with a display and keyboard. There are also desktop and in-car models on offer. With PoC or IP radios, instant and group voice communication is possible at the touch of a button. When using the devices, please note that the PoC server service is provided by a Chinese server provider on Chinese servers.