Internet Radio

Internet radio devices make listening to the radio much easier, as they can receive both FM and online frequencies, depending on the type. These devices make it possible to listen to your favourite stations from anywhere in the world, the sound quality is much better and they can even transmit visual information on their screens.

The golden age of online radio

In the late nineties, these were experimental broadcasts, but nowadays internet-based radio stations are commonplace. They don't even require a studio - the entire programme is produced by computer software. The compiled audio signal is digitised on a computer or a dedicated device, subjected to a sound compression process and transmitted to a server over the Internet. The server then transmits the online programme to the listeners, who can listen to it with their Internet radio sets.

These devices also have the great advantage of being able to receive both FM and the above-mentioned DAB+ digital radio. If your favourite radio station is not available in either FM or DAB in your area, you can simply switch to internet/wifi mode on these internet radios. The wifi and LAN connection allows for uninterrupted radio playback, no interference, no channel hopping, exceptional sound quality.

In many cases, internet or wifi radios are compatible with other devices, you can connect your smartphone to them via bluetooth, or they can be tuned to other devices via various inputs.

Why get an internet radio?

Let's see why they are so popular!

Varied music listening

We all know that feeling when we turn on the radio and hear the same boringly repetitive music over and over again. But with internet radio, you can even browse by genre. You can filter by pop, rock or even hip-hop, but within these genres you can also choose from a wide range of sub-genres. So every day you can discover new tracks that could become your all-time favourites.

Excellent sound quality

It used to be that a bad aerial or a weak signal from too far away ruined the radio experience. But with online radio, there are no such problems. All you need is a stable and fast enough internet connection and the radio will take care of the rest. Thanks to this, you can hear American, European and other online radio stations crystal clear. Of course, you can control the sound of the radio in detail with the built-in equalizer.

You can further enhance the sound quality with a pair of studio headphones, as some internet radios also offer jack connections.

Less advertising

Unlike traditional radio stations, online radio stations don't have nearly as many advertisements between music and programmes. In fact, many internet radios do not play any commercials at all, which means a much better quality of listening for listeners. Whether we look at it from a broadcaster or a listener perspective, avoiding advertising should be a choice we make ourselves. One thing is for sure: the fewer events that interrupt brilliant music or intriguing podcasts, the better the radio experience.

Bluetooth control

Today's music listening habits are very different from the trends of even 10-15 years ago. We can now listen to whatever we want, regardless of time and space. Internet radios with Bluetooth connectivity can be easily controlled with your smartphone. You can adjust the volume, choose between different radio stations, add your favourite programmes to your favourites, all from the comfort of a distance of up to 10-15 metres from the radio.

Connect to Spotify Connect and other streaming platforms

Fortunately, modern internet radios are now compatible with Spotify, Deezer and other popular music streaming apps. And thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to your favourite playlists whenever you like and switch between tracks freely.

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