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We want to keep our children safe at all times and in all situations. That's why, as parents, we do everything we can to track your baby's every move after birth. That's why many nurseries have baby monitors to keep an eye on your baby. When choosing such a device, we should make sure that it has enough range to monitor your baby's sleep wherever you are in your home or family house.

But it is also worth paying attention to the loud noises that trigger the device. You may also want to consider choosing a baby monitor with a camera. In this case, you will not only hear your baby breathing, but you will also see when he wakes up.

Which baby monitor to choose?

Not all baby monitors are the same. The classic versions consist of a transmitter and a receiver. The first one we can keep in the nursery, the second one we parents can take with us when we move around the house. Some models only transmit sound, others have a camera, but there are also versions that send data or video from the unit on the baby to our mobile phone, tablet or computer. You need a stable internet connection and a good data transfer speed.

We recommend using a classic baby monitor if you want to monitor your baby's breathing or see when he or she wakes up. But many devices now also transmit video, so you can follow everything that happens in the nursery. This is a big help if you have a pet, such as a cat that likes to sleep in the cot. Another big advantage of a baby monitor with a camera is that even grandparents who live far away can watch their grandchild sleeping or waking up, as the video is available anywhere via the internet.

What age babies should be fitted with a baby monitor?

Baby monitors, or as many people call them baby monitors, are recommended from birth to 2 years of age.

What features does a baby monitor have?

Baby monitors are easy to install, almost all of them have a base that allows you to easily adjust the device towards your child. Once the baby monitor is set up, one of the most important features is the VOX mode, which allows you to communicate two-way without having to press buttons. When this feature is activated on the baby monitor, it will automatically switch on and transmit sound or images when it detects sounds in the baby's room. If there is no movement or cooing, the device goes into sleep mode. The eco function allows the baby monitor to consume less energy, so it is energy efficient.

But these baby monitors can also measure the temperature in the room. This is important to make sure your baby doesn't catch a cold, which is why they need a temperature of 24-25 degrees Celsius. But they can also be set to a tune that soothes your child or even a tune that makes them fall asleep easily. You can even choose a baby monitor with infrared LEDs. This allows the baby monitor to see in the dark. But whichever baby monitor also has a monitor and is connected to your smartphone, you can also move and tilt the camera of the device remotely.

What is the range of the baby monitor?

Most baby monitors can transmit sound indoors within 50 metres, and up to 300 metres when used outdoors. Of course, there are baby monitors with a longer range, but you have to ask yourself whether it is worth buying one. However, baby monitors with a camera have a shorter range.

What sound level is the baby monitor set to?

You can set the sound level of the baby monitor yourself, and the baby monitor will alert you accordingly. This is also good because it means that it doesn't go off every time she makes a noise, but only when she wakes up, for example.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery and how long will it last?

This largely depends on whether the unit of the baby monitor that is placed in the nursery is powered by a power cord or a battery. If a baby monitor with a Li-Ion battery is chosen, it is guaranteed to work for days and can be charged within an hour or two without any problems. This is slightly longer with a NiMh battery.

Is it possible to activate a motion detection function on the baby monitor?

Baby monitors with a camera can transmit not only sound but also a moving image to the parent unit or smartphone. That's why these modern baby monitors now also have a motion detection function.

What connectivity options are available for baby monitors?

Today's modern baby monitors have either Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. Thanks to this, you can now choose a baby monitor that allows up to 12 family members or friends to access the live picture at the same time.

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