Data Transceiver

The added value of advanced and reliable data radio devices lies in their ability to facilitate seamless communication between machines. This can be done wirelessly, even over long distances, for analogue or digital devices.

Our webshop offers a wide range of transceivers with different technical parameters, but all of them of impeccable quality.

What is a data radio?

A data radio is a device that facilitates uninterrupted and sufficiently efficient communication between machines wirelessly via radio frequency. It is essentially a type of communication that effectively bridges the long distances between conventional analogue industrial devices.

Its use may be appropriate when higher data rates are not necessarily required. A major advantage of this type of device is its versatility, as it can be used for a wide range of tasks depending on the objectives.

In practical terms, the question of connectivity may arise. This can be done either over an IP network or, alternatively, RS-232 can offer an effective solution.

What are the uses of modern versions of data transmission radios?

The use of data radios as a means to facilitate long-distance communication between traditional analogue industrial devices is typical in agricultural and industrial environments.

For example, to control agricultural irrigation equipment and machinery, for water and electricity utilities, or to control ground vehicles at airports.

Also in the field of transport, there are devices which can be used effectively to control traffic during the construction of roads and motorways or to transmit traffic data in other places.

But they can also be used to control industrial and other gates, to manage oil pipeline networks and to transmit weather data.

Related services that can be used in addition to data radio

By using the services summarised below, you can get even more out of your data radio application:

  • Two-way radio field testing - the service helps you to decide on the spot whether it is more appropriate to use a PMR radio, a professional data transmission UHF radio or a UHF repeater to broadcast to an area or building.
  • Frequency assignment decision management - full management and taking over all administrative tasks with the authorities.
  • Two-way radio system engineering - in addition to the preparation of the radio transceiver system engineering plan, guaranteeing successful licensing.
  • Radio licence management - we take care of the data transmission of the two-way radios purchased from us free of charge.
  • Professional two-wayradio and PMR radio programming - basic frequency programming and setting of functions at the time of purchase.
  • Two-way radio installation - desktop or in-car, with the installation of URH repeaters and antenna systems on request.
  • Two-way radio service - professional repair of either data radios or accessories.
  • Two-way radio maintenance - in the form of on-site, instrumented checks.
  • Two-way radio rental - rental of handheld, mobile and repeater equipment is available.