Caravan Roof Window

Rooflights on caravans are important for several reasons. First and foremost, they allow for efficient ventilation of the interior. As we use our caravans for longer periods of time, the air is quickly used up. Opening the skylights allows fresh air to enter the interior of the caravan, and this also ensures a comfortable interior temperature. Read more...

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• Easy to install installation kit for Micro Heki skylight
• Suitable for roofs 24-25 mm thick
• Can also be used for roofs up to 43 mm thick
• Contains everything you need, including brackets and screws

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 12.88€ (Net price: 10.15€)

• Internal mosquito net type (individually adjustable) and optional blackout available
• Available with or without forced ventilation
• Can be fitted in a 280 x 280 mm roof opening
• For roof thicknesses of 23-42 mm
• Can be opened and closed with a hand lever system
• Fixed ventilation position
• Max. opening angle: 50°
• Double glazing in acrylic, tinted on the outside
• For motorhomes and caravans specifically for the bathroom

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 126.27€ (Net price: 99.43€)

• Designed for Micro Heki roof window
• For 280 x 280 mm opening
• Carefree installation
• Dimensions: 282 mm (opening width) x 282 mm (opening height)
• Net weight: 0,35 kg

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 68.93€ (Net price: 54.28€)

• White, unforced cellulose skylight
• Separately adjustable blackout and mosquito net
• Improved aerodynamics reduce noise by up to 20%
• In-frame hinge and lock for improved security and mechanical reliability
• Well insulated canopy with double acrylic glazing
• Modern design for a stylish indoor and outdoor look
• Dimensions: 617 mm (depth) x 617 mm (height) x 846 mm (width)
• Weight: 8,40 kg

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 678.07€ (Net price: 533.91€)
4 products in total, page 1: 1 - 4 / 41

Alternatively, caravan skylights help to remove moisture. After all, we cook, shower and make coffee in our motorhomes. This can make the air hot and humid quickly, especially in summer.

What types of caravans are these roof windows suitable for?

It is very important that the skylight should be compatible with the thickness of the caravan roof. The caravan roof windows available in the DND Telecom webshop can be fitted to caravan roofs with a thickness of 24-25 mm and with a fitting frame up to 43 mm.

What is the difference between fixed and opening roof windows for caravans?

With fixed roof windows, you cannot let fresh air into the interior of your motorhome and moisture cannot escape through the window. Therefore, if possible, choose a roof window with a fixed ventilation position. This type of motorhome roof window can be opened at an angle of up to 50 degrees. This is just enough to provide effective ventilation. These skylights can be opened or closed with a hand lever system.

How to choose the right size skylight for your caravan?

Finding the right skylight is not so easy. We have a wide range of different sizes to choose from. You can choose from small 280 mm x 280 mm to larger 617 mm x 617 mm versions. Which one you choose depends largely on where you want to place it. For a bathroom, choose the smaller one. But the size of your caravan is also a factor.

You also need to consider that the window should be the right size for good ventilation and enough light. Choose a roof window that is robust and weatherproof, but lightweight. Because versions made of acrylic or polycarbonate do not affect the overall weight of the vehicle too much. You can choose between single, double or special glazing to maximise insulation and protection against harmful UV rays.

For ease of use and accessibility, buy a motorhome sunroof with electric opening.

How easy is it to install caravan skylights, do you need professional help?

Perhaps one of the most important things to do is to think carefully about where you want to install the window. Smooth surface areas are great for cutting out openings. The walls and ceilings of mobile homes or motorhomes are insulated. And the thin sheet metal of the bodywork is not enough to fix the roof opening, you need a frame to fix the top and bottom of the window to the sheet metal. The installation is relatively simple and can be easily done even by a beginner.

The installation of a skylight, however, requires some manual dexterity. You will need to cut an opening in the bodywork, taking care not to accidentally cut a larger section than the rooflight. To do this, mark the position of the window with a template and then cover the area with foil. Any chips left behind can cause rust and should be collected. As the experts say, measure twice rather than cutting too large once. Also make sure you have the right insulation so that the skylight ends up waterproof.

What safety features do caravan skylights have?

Opening caravan skylights support ventilation. They let fresh air in and allow moisture or heat to escape. It is always a good idea to fit this type of skylight with a rain sensor or insect screen. A rain sensor is a very useful feature, as if you go hiking and leave the vehicle alone, it will help to keep the rain out even if you are not in the caravan.

There are also skylights designed for emergency escape. If you are travelling to a country where public safety is in its infancy, it is a good idea to choose a skylight made of safety glass or shatterproof material.

Do caravan roof windows have special maintenance needs and how can they be made to last longer?

Maintaining your caravan skylight involves regular cleaning, checking for leaks and periodic care of moving parts. If there are signs of cracks or leaks, the skylight should be repaired or replaced.

Opening windows can reduce moisture. This is particularly important to avoid mould growth. But also remember that windows on the roof provide additional light. This makes the interior brighter and more welcoming. You are sure to find the caravan skylight that is best suited to your needs in the DND online shop range.