Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering means the tools and aids needed to ensure the safety of road traffic.

Why do we need traffic engineering tools?

Road renovation, maintenance or construction often requires a wide range of traffic engineering equipment to ensure that the traffic generated during the works is properly constructed in accordance with road safety regulations.

On roads, motorways, police measures, disaster prevention and accident prevention, traffic engineering equipment may also be needed to divert or close traffic. The selection and installation of these devices should take into account the relevant standards and regulations, which should take into account the safety of all road users. It is of paramount importance that traffic engineering devices are visible at night and stand out from the daytime environment, so that they are conspicuous on other dangerous road sections (e.g. pedestrian crossings, busy intersections at schools, residential areas) to ensure that they are detected as soon as possible. Its use is authorised by the competent local authority.

Types of traffic engineering devices

Traffic engineering devices for road traffic can be of different types according to the user's needs, for example:

  • beacons (installed and hand-held), signal buoys
  • diversion buoys, diversion lights
  • message signs
  • portable traffic lights and signs
  • traffic diversion trailers, vehicle-mounted diversion arrows, diversion line lights
  • reflective tapes and foils.

The larger the area to be controlled in terms of traffic, the more it is advisable to choose automated and easy-to-use devices for this task. Another selection criterion is whether we are thinking of a mobile device (e.g. hand-held beacon, cone, portable traffic light) or a vehicle-mounted traffic engineering device.

Traffic engineering equipment is typically equipped with high-power batteries to ensure uninterrupted operation.

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