Antenna Rotator and Motor Driven Antenna Mount

At the entrance to a garage or car park, there's nothing more inconvenient than having to pull over and remove your antenna to avoid damaging it. Well, that's the end of that! This rotating and lifting device will help you tilt your antenna or point it in the right direction. Read more...

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• Operation Voltage: DC 13.8V (10 to 16V)
• Current consumed: 0.95A max (13.8V)
• Operation speed: Approx. 4sec. (from 0 to 90 degrees)
• Operation angle: between 45 to 90 degrees
• Driving torque: More than 40kg/cm
• Max. antenna load: Less than 1.4m in total length, less than 350g
• Dimensions: 64 x 66 x 102 mm
• Weight: 440 g
• The K9000 can not be used without appropriate KRR, KRS, KTH installation bracket!

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 131.88€ (Net price: 103.85€)
1 products in total, page 1: 1 - 1 / 11

But this device is also a huge help on top of motorhomes and trucks. It can even be a useful addition to our boats, where we need such a handy tool. The antenna rotating and lifting motor is also equipped with a limit switch that ensures that when you stop, the motor automatically lowers the antenna.

When we move off and the light on the switch is green, the antenna will automatically raise again. Of course, you can mount this antenna lift and rotate motor not only on the roof of your car, truck, camper, but even on the trunk of a limousine.

What you should know about the antenna rotator and motor driven antenna mount?

This handy antenna accessory comes with a 5 metre cable, the length of which ensures that you can comfortably move your antenna from inside your vehicle. But it's not just the length that makes it convenient to use, the cable is thin enough to be placed in the right place through the door opening or boot.

It's important to connect antennas that don't require grounding to these moving motors. Make sure that the antenna and the rotating and lifting mechanism are not subjected to shocks, otherwise personal injury may result. These types of antenna accessories have limited use below freezing.

What types of antennas can the swivel and lifting system be used with?

These types of motors are suitable for both PL and N standard antennas. In size, the motor can move antennas up to 140 cm in height, and of course smaller antennas can be attached. If a larger or heavier antenna is placed on the rotating and lifting motor, it may even damage its structure.

How large is the area covered by the antenna hoist and how far can the antenna be lifted?

The rotation and elevation motor can adjust the antenna from 45 to 90 degrees, with a choice of 7 adjustment levels to hold the antenna securely. This allows you to set the desired tilt angle with great precision, meaning that the swivel and elevation mechanism will position your antenna perfectly.

Does the installation require a professional or can you easily install it yourself?

The installation of the antenna swivel and hoist is very simple and can be done by anyone, so you don't need a professional to install the motorised device. But when installing it, we have to take care that this type of antenna is equipped with a spring to counteract the effect of small obstacles coming from the direction of travel, so we have to pay attention to the position of this spring so that it is facing the direction of travel and not the other way round.

Is there a remote or automatic control option for the slewing and lifting system?

The antenna swivel and lift system can be operated via a cable that plugs into a cigarette lighter. On this cable you will find a control console, which allows you to conveniently control the antenna settings from the interior of your car.

How can the antenna swivel and lift system be maintained and how often is maintenance necessary?

Naturally, when cleaning the car, truck or motorhome at the car wash, it is recommended to remove the antenna and its associated motor, which is responsible for the rotation and lifting process. It is recommended to wash with plenty of water and detergent and then wipe with a damp cotton cloth.

If a low noise is heard when the engine is running, it is advisable to use an oiling spray to lubricate the mechanical parts. There is a rubber pad for the antenna bracket, which is useful to protect the car body from scratches and possible discolouration.

Antenna rotator and motor driven antenna mount are becoming increasingly indispensable as communications and satellite technologies evolve. As detailed in the article, these systems are key to optimising signal quality and maintaining reliable connectivity.