Seat Cooling

When it comes to the comfort aspects of any vehicle, we often hear about seat heating - but hardly ever about seat cooling. But many of us know that uncomfortable feeling when you start to get warm and then sink into the seat during a long journey. This is mainly a problem in the warmer months, and is made worse by leather seats. Seat cooling is the perfect solution for such cases. Plus, it ventilates the seat and cools it instantly! Even when the air conditioning is not working. The seat cooler is factory fitted under the seat cover, but the extra cost is a fortune for a factory system. Retrofit systems are much more affordable. Read more...

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• Input voltage (DC) 12 V
• 2 cooling levels
• Function: cooling
• Colour: black
• Weight: 1660 g
• Dimensions product depth 440 mm
• Dimensions product height 15 mm
• Dimensions product width 568 mm
• Suited for side airbags
• Comfortable, stable and secure seating position
• Easy and practical fixing

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 131.58€ (Net price: 103.61€)
1 products in total, page 1: 1 - 1 / 11

Seat cooling, the easily accessible extra

Heated seats are known to have once been a standard feature of luxury cars, but now most new cars have them. But the odds are not so good for seat cooling: fewer vehicles offer this convenience as standard equipment and very few people are aware of this practical option. And yet it has a number of notable advantages.

The most obvious, of course, is that it quickly provides relief for the driver and passengers in the thirty to thirty-five degree heat of the summer months. This is especially true on longer journeys and when you are often stuck in traffic jams. Thanks to the seat cooling, you don't have to run the air conditioning at maximum, so your car consumes less fuel and you're also doing the planet a favour. Also a big plus is that if a car or truck doesn't have it as standard, you can always simply have it fitted, but you can achieve a similar effect with a cooling seat cushion.

How does seat cooling work?

In general, there are several different seat cooling techniques. The universal ventilated seat cushion, which has a cooling function, can be simply inserted into the seats. All you have to do is put it under power and you can choose which cooling level you need.

A distinction can be made between cooled and ventilated seats. Both are equipped with chambers inside the seats. Ventilated seats allow air to enter these chambers, thereby cooling the surface of the upholstery. Cooled seats, on the other hand, first deliver the air to a cooled surface and only then blow it onto the seat. The main difference between the two is noticeable in humid environments, where cooled seats serve better. The exact operating principles of the different types vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but these two methods are the most commonly used.

Who is seat cooling recommended for?

Basically speaking, anyone who has ever experienced what it's like to sit in a heated car seat on a hot summer's day doesn't really need to explain why they need this extra. So we can say that everyone will be happy to use it.

But there are of course those who will appreciate its features, such as truck drivers who drive hundreds or thousands of kilometres with just a few short stops. During summer deliveries, a cool seat will make all the difference to the driving experience. As mentioned above, frequent commuters in the city centre can also benefit from not having to turn the air conditioning on to the highest setting in summer traffic jams. The difference can also be noticeable when refuelling!

With seat cooling you'll feel the difference!

During the summer months - or even before - it's a good idea to shop around for seat cooling solutions. At this time, it's also worth looking at the performance, comfort, ease of use and ease of cleaning of each model.

How to get seat cooling to work?

No technical knowledge is required to install a cooling seat cushion in your car, caravan or truck. After deciding which seat cooling system to choose, the first thing to do is to put it on the car seat. Simply pull the straps supplied through the seat and backrest. Tilt the seat to make it easier to thread the straps. Then, once the car seat harness is in a comfortable position for us, we need to secure it. To do this, we use one of the fixing options provided by the manufacturer, such as hooks or snap-on fasteners.

Most car seat coolers, which are installed as a pair in the car, operate via a 12-volt adapter that draws power directly from the on-board cigarette lighter. After plugging in the seat cooler, you can simply plug the plug into the car charger. The cable with which the seat cooler is fitted by the manufacturer is usually of a sufficient length, for example there are models with a cable of up to 125 cm. But it should be longer rather than shorter. In this case, use cable ties and slide the excess loop under your seat. Most car seat coolers have two cooling stages. Which are they? The first stage is 6 W and the second stage is 12 W.

What size vehicles can seat coolers be used in?

The Dometic Magic Comfort universal ventilated seat cooler from the DND Telecom webshop is the perfect solution that can be easily mounted on the seat of any vehicle, and the hooks and buckles make it easy to attach to the seats of caravans, trucks, lorries and passenger cars. In addition, the built-in back support and the cool sensation provided by the seat coolers ensure maximum comfort.

What energy source do seat coolers use?

The seat coolers can be operated by connecting them to a cigarette lighter. This means that the seat coolers are powered by the vehicle battery.

What material are seat coolers made of?

Only choose seat coolers that are made of high tensile strength, quality cotton and synthetic fibre. Because when you're driving, it's crucial to feel comfortable and snug behind the wheel. This increases our driving and travelling experience, as well as our safety. The seat coolers in the DND Telecom webshop are made of excellent materials. Thanks to polyester, the seat has good electrical and thermal insulation properties, so it cools perfectly while driving. The car seat cooler is also equipped with thermal overload protection, which makes this cushion safer.

How much temperature adjustment can the seat coolers offer?

The seat cooler is usually individually adjustable using a temperature control, which ensures a comfortable and high level of coolness.

If you don't want to leave it to chance, check out our range! We provide guaranteed high quality and reliable solutions for seat cooling. On our site you can even find out about our products with detailed technical parameters. This allows you to compare them and find the best car accessory for you.