HF Antennas

If you are looking for a shortwave antenna with durable quality and excellent functionality, DND Telecom has all the features you need to choose the right product for the job. We offer HF antennas in a wide range of categories, versions and types to suit the expected use.

These antennas transmit in the range 3-30 MHz. The frequencies immediately below HF are called the medium frequency (MF) band, while the next band of higher frequencies is called the very high frequency (VHF) band.

History of shortwave antennas

In the 1920s and 1930s, the potential for long-distance transmission of short waves was recognised. New horizons were opened up in radio broadcasting and radio communications. The first shortwave stations were built and shortwave broadcasting in specific frequency bands was launched. Shortwave radio was - and still is - a fast, easy and excellent way to communicate with other nationalities.


The advantages of shortwave broadcasting over longwave are that lower power transmitters can be used, shortwave is less sensitive to atmospheric disturbance and equipment costs are lower.

Government and private organisations are constantly looking for the most flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions for their remote, emergency and security communications needs. HF radios will never replace landlines or mobile phones, but they are an indispensable wireless communication tool for emergency, remote and military communications organizations.

HF can communicate over distances of 3000 km or more. Its radio network requires minimal infrastructure. As such, it is often the only reliable means of communication in a disaster.

HF radio is simple and quick to deploy. Fixed base stations can be used to communicate with other bases or to control mobile (vehicle mounted) and portable (manpack) users in the field.

Applications of HF antennas:

  • Amateur radio (HAM antennas)
  • HAM (amateur radio)
  • Aeronautical communications
  • Maritime, marine communications
  • Military, diplomatic communications

About the types of shortwave antennas available in our webshop

There are basically two categories of shortwave antenna types available in our range. One is the group of shortwave automotive antennas and the other is the category of shortwave base antennas. For the latter, you can choose between Sirio or Diamond devices.

In the first instance, there is nothing to do but click on the name of the one of the three categories that is a realistic option to purchase. Then, within each category page, you can choose which type of shortwave antenna would best serve your needs.

As an extra help, we have provided the relevant parameters for each type that may be important when making your choice. This makes it easy to compare the antennas without a single click.

The most useful way to do this is to look at the most important parameters of the available types in relation to the expected use of the HAM antenna. For example, the value of the frequency range, the specific radiation or gain factors, and the maximum power.

Related services for purchasing a shortwave antenna

Importantly, the DND webshop not only offers the possibility to purchase perfectly functioning equipment, but also to choose additional services if required. For example, in addition to shortwave base antennas, you can request a standardisation review of the lightning protection system or the preparation of lightning protection design documentation, including the construction and repair of the lightning protection system or the installation of a base roof antenna. These additional options can be an added benefit over and above the purchase of a shortwave antenna.