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We can now listen to music on many different devices, yet in the 21st century radio device as a medium is enjoying a renaissance. Of course, it is not the family that gathers in front of the radio device in the evening for a little music, but rather the flexible nature of the radio device that makes it so popular.

Whether you're driving, cooking or working in an office, it's a great choice for soothing human voices and music without distracting you from the important stuff. It's also a great source of news, so you can catch up on the latest information every hour, even on the move.

When it comes to choosing a radio device, there are two main types to choose from: internet radio device, which gives you more freedom, and a modern FM radio device with more extras.

Why choose an internet radio device?

This type of radio device is a great combination of the benefits of the internet and the classic values of radio device. Because if you want to enjoy your favourite radio programmes in the best quality, literally anywhere in the world, internet radio is the perfect choice.

This device not only picks up FM, DAB, DAB+ digital signals, but also allows you to access all internet radio device broadcasts around the world. This freedom is one of the biggest advantages of internet radio, which allows you to enjoy Hungarian words and music anywhere, in crystal clear quality.

What extra features do FM radios offer, such as built-in alarm clocks, sleep timers, etc.

These types of devices have long been used for more than just listening to news and music. There are FM radios that have flashlight and reading lamp functions. But you can also get a device that can also be used for SOS emergency calls. They can even have not one but two adjustable alarm times and sleep timers. There are also radios with an integrated thermometer.

As these radios are often used outdoors, there are many that can be powered not only from the mains but also from solar panels. Or even with a hand crank.

What services do we have access to with internet radios?

Not all internet radios are "streaming-friendly", meaning they support music streaming services such as Apple Music and Co. By far most devices are only compatible with one of the major providers, Spotify. If you want to connect another music streaming site to your internet phone, it's always worth checking the details before you buy.

How easy is it to set up and connect internet radio device?

The main difference between internet radios is the way they work. If you want to make listening as easy as possible, here are some details to look out for. Some models have weather forecasts and alarm clocks, and if you have a Spotify account, choose one that is Spotify compatible.

The latest models have Bluetooth connectivity and some have a built-in CD player. If the WLAN/WiFi connection is often unreliable where you use the device, it's worth buying an internet radio device with a LAN connection.

Are there any internet radios that have a USB or Bluetooth connection for connecting to other devices?

Yes, most modern devices already have USB or Bluetooth connectivity.

Is there an internet radio device that can receive FM radio broadcasts?

FM radio device enthusiasts can of course use modern web or Wi-Fi radios that have been fitted with an antenna by their manufacturer. Thanks to this, many online radios can still receive ultra-fast waves (FM), although this is not their primary purpose.

This is just to show that these types of devices have both a past and a future. After all, with internet radio device, all you have to do is enter your Wi-Fi or WLAN connection password into the device and you can choose from a selection of internet radio device programmes available worldwide.

Various music without commercials, that's what internet radio device offers. Internet radio can address the most common objection to radio device at the same time. With more than 60,000 online radio stations around the world, listeners can enjoy an unprecedented variety of music, filtered by category.

Whether we're after pop, rock, classical or even hip-hop tunes, an internet radio device station offers us the options on a platter. And we can enjoy it all without constant interruptions and commercials. These stations can be run at minimal cost, with no studios, no presenters, just the music, so no commercials.

Is internet radio device the friend of streaming services and your smartphone?

The above concepts are not a threat to radio device, but rather have opened new doors for it. The sound of a phone will never be as clear and varied as a radio device can be.

But it is a great control device, which is why most digital radios have a feature that allows you to control them with your smartphone. If you're stuck with thousands of online stations, there's always Spotify, Deezer, and other popular streaming services that you can also access with an internet radio device.

We want uninterrupted quality, choose internet radio device!

With the advent of internet radio device, gone are the days when you had to make do with a weak signal or poor quality from a retractable aerial. Thanks to internet-based transmission of signals, you can get a signal from halfway around the world, something you don't even get with FM radio. With a fast enough internet connection, there's no channel hopping, no noise, and only high quality music.

Benefits of FM radios

After internet radio device, you might think that an FM radio is no longer capable of offering anything that could make it interesting next to its digital big brother. The Midland AM/FM radio, however, thoroughly disproves that notion, offering a host of extras that even a wireless, portable FM radio can't offer.

The Midland travel radio device features: charge anywhere, anytime!

One of the biggest advantages of Midland's travel radio device is that it's essentially un-rechargeable. Thanks to its built-in solar-powered charger, it recharges almost constantly, and when you can no longer rely on the sun, you can keep it going for hours with a crank hand charge.

Another advantage is that it is compact, lightweight and, as mentioned above, self-powered. It can be used to get information about the weather or world events anywhere in the world. It also has the unique feature that it not only charges itself, but also functions as a 2000 mAh battery, works as a powerbank with a USB connection and can be used to charge smart devices.

This radio device was born free!

With its portability and versatile charging features, it's guaranteed to be the star of backyard barbecues and fishing trips, but it also has a number of useful features for hikers. Its built-in LED light in the dark, SOS Morse code function will be a huge help in a potential emergency.

The DND Telecom webshop radio device range offers a wide selection of internet radios, providing the perfect choice from tiny, easy-to-use versions to multi-pound, multi-function models. And the Swiss Army knife multifunction FM radio is not just a traditional device, it's for those who spend most of their free time fishing, camping and playing sports.