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There are many ways to listen to music today, yet radio as a medium is enjoying a renaissance in the 21st century. Of course, it's not that the family gathers in the evening to listen to music together in front of the radio, but rather that it's a flexible listening device. Whether driving, cooking or working in the office, it's a great choice because the human voices and music have a calming effect without distracting from the important things. It's also a perfect source of news, as you can catch up on the latest information every hour, even on the move. When choosing a radio, there are two main types: the Internet radio, which gives you more freedom, and the modern FM radio, which comes with more extras.

Internet radio

A great combination of the benefits of the Internet and the classic values of radio. And if you want to enjoy your favourite radio programmes in the best quality, literally anywhere in the world, then Internet radio is the perfect choice. Not only can it receive digital signals from the fm, dab, dab+ systems, but it also allows you to access all the internet radio broadcasts in the world. One of the biggest advantages of internet radio is its limitlessness, which allows you to enjoy Hungarian words and music anywhere, in crystal clear quality.

Varied music, without advertising

Internet radio can address the most common objection to radio at the same time. With more than 60,000 online radio stations worldwide, music lovers can enjoy an unprecedented variety of music, filtered by category. Whether you're just looking for pop, rock, classical or hip-hop, an internet radio set offers you a wide range of options. And all without constant interruptions and commercials. These stations can be run at minimal cost, with no studios, no presenters, just the music, and no advertising.

Is streaming and your smartphone friendly?

The above concepts are not a threat to radio, but rather open new doors for it. The sound of a phone will never be as clear and varied as that of a radio set. However, it is a great control device, which is why most digital radios have a feature that allows you to control them with your smartphone. And if you're stuck with thousands of online stations, there's always Spotify, Deezer and other popular streaming services that you can also access with an internet radio.

Uninterrupted quality

With the advent of internet radio, gone are the days when you had to make do with a weak signal or poor quality from a retractable aerial. Thanks to internet-based transmission of signals, you can broadcast from halfway around the world without even experiencing the same thing. With a fast enough internet connection, there's no channel hopping, no noise, and only high quality music.

FM radio

After internet radios, you might think that an FM radio is incapable of offering anything interesting beyond its digital big brother. The Midland am fm radio, however, proves that wrong, as it comes with a host of extras that you wouldn't expect from a wireless, portable fm radio.

Charge anywhere, anytime

One of the biggest advantages of Midland's travel radio is that it's virtually undischargeable. Thanks to its built-in solar charger, it recharges almost constantly, and when you can no longer rely on the sun, you can keep it going for hours with crank charging. It's also unique in that it can charge more than just itself, functioning as a 2000 mah battery with a usb connector that can also act as a power bank to charge your smart devices.

Born to be free

With its portability and versatile charging functions, it's guaranteed to be the star of backyard barbecues and fishing trips, but it also has a number of useful features for hikers. With its built-in LED light in the dark, its SOS Morse code function will be a huge help in a possible emergency.

DND Telecom's range of internet radios provides the perfect choice from the tiny, easy-to-use varieties to multi-pound, multi-functional pieces. And its Swiss Army knife FM radio is an unconventional device for those looking for a more traditional solution.