Active Earplug

• Key target market: Industry / Manufacturing
• Environmental microphones for Level-dependent hearing protection and situational awerness
• SNR 23dB/27dB/30dB (depends on the ear tips)
• One button operation, 3 volume steps (-6; 0; +6 dB)
• Recharging case delivers power via micro USB
• Battery life: Up 16 hours of continouos use
• Battery charge time: 180 Mins (Approx)
• IP 54 (water and dust resistant)
• Case size (mm): 89,6 x 61,6 x 27,3

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 245.53€ (Net price: 193.33€)

Noise is generated by vibrations, which propagate through the air as pressure waves. The stronger these pressure waves, the louder the noise. Extreme noise exposure damages the hair cells in the cochlea of the ear that are responsible for processing the sound waves. Volume is measured by sound pressure levels, measured in decibels (dB).

Why wear active earplugs?

The protection of workers in noise environments is covered by the Noise Directive 2003/10/EC. According to this standard, hearing protection is mandatory for workers exposed to noise above 85 dB.

Harmful noise effects are not only a threat to our hearing. The negative effects affect our whole body. It can cause headaches, increased blood pressure and metabolic problems as a consequence of a higher adrenaline rush. That's why it's important to choose the right hearing protection if you are exposed to harmful sound effects.

Our ears are one of our most sensitive sensory organs and we can protect them from harmful sound effects by using hearing protection earplugs. It's not just noise at work that can be harmful, we also need to protect our hearing from sudden, extremely loud so-called peak or impulse noises.

General features of active earplugs

Noise level-dependent active earplugs reduce loud and harmful noises, such as continuous high-pitched noise or sudden impulsive noise. Thanks to the built-in electronics, these earplugs amplify low-level ambient noise to ensure environmental or situational awareness. They amplify soft sounds and tones, while attenuating harmful loud sounds. Active earplugs attenuate noise above 80 dB, as required by the standard. The internal volume is limited to 82 dB, which allows for safe all-day wear. The active earplugs weigh only a few grams and are comfortable to wear.

3M active earplugs provide adequate protection in high noise environments, while enabling and facilitating communication. Depending on the type, the 3M Peltor products in our range can be used in manufacturing and production as well as for military and police purposes or even for situational shooting and sport shooting.

These electronic hearing protectors have a noise attenuation SNR between 23 and 30 dB depending on the type of earplug fitting.

Active earplugs have an innovative microphone unit designed to be protected against moisture.

Their intuitive one-button operation allows you to switch the earphones on and off and adjust the volume with a single movement. The electronic earplug volume control has multiple positions, typically low, normal, high volume. The rubber seal of the charging/storage case effectively protects the earplug from moisture and dirt.

3M active hearing protectors are compatible with most 3M Peltor protective equipment (goggles, helmets).

Cleaning of active earplugs is an important consideration as they are designed to last and are designed for repeated use. Rinse with soapy water after use, then pat dry and return to the storage box.

Typical standard accessoriey of electronic earplugs

Electronic earplugs typically have a rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery. Their portable storage box is sturdy, allowing you to safely store your hearing protector when not in use. In addition to storage, the case can also function as a charging case, depending on the model. As the case is equipped with a USB connector, you can charge your active hearing protector via a micro USB charging cable. With relatively short charging times of 2-3 hours, they provide up to 16 hours of continuous operation.

With 3M active hearing protectors, you can choose from a range of ear plug sizes for the right protection. Interchangeable, different sized tips are designed to fit most ear canals. The better the fit, the more effectively noise is filtered. Accordingly, the typical standard set of electronic earplugs includes 1 pair of large, 1 pair of medium and 1 pair of small ear tips.