We respond to the challenges of the modern age with modern tools. In today's fast-paced world, we have a range of smart devices that make our lives easier, whether it's our phones, smartwatches, tablets or Bluetooth headsets. Of course, charging them can take hours separately, let alone at the same time! That's why the powerbank is becoming an indispensable accessory in every modern person's toolbox. Read more...

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• Battery capacity: 10 000 mAh/37 Wh
• Battery type: Li-Po 3.7 V
• Max. output current: 22.5 W
• Charging time: 4 hours
• Accessories: USB-A/USB-C, data
• For fast charging: PD 20 W + SCP 22,5 W + Dash + Warp charge
• Wireless charging max power: 15 W
• Weight: 261 g
• Dimensions: 143 mm (length) x 70 mm (width) 19 mm (thickness)

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 25.18€ (Net price: 19.83€)

• Battery capacity: 20 000 mAh/74 Wh
• Battery type: Li-Po 3.7 V
• Max. output current: 22,5 W
• Charging time: 7 hours
• Accessories: USB-A/USB-C, data
• For fast charging: PD 20 W + SCP 22.5 W + Dash + Warp charge
• Weight: 412 g
• Dimensions: 142 mm (length) x 67 mm (width) 27 mm (thickness)

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 30.05€ (Net price: 23.66€)
2 products in total, page 1: 1 - 2 / 21

What exactly is a powerbank?

Anyone who's ever owned a smartphone will have experienced at least once what it's like to run out of power at the worst possible moment. A powerbank is a solution to this problem, figuratively speaking, it offers independence from the power grid and the possibility of constant charging. It's literally an external battery that prevents our smart devices from running out of power wherever we are. With their negligible weight and size, we hardly notice they're with us until we need them.

Whether we're on our way home from work on public transport, out for a day outdoors, using our phone too much during the day or simply forgetful and don't charge our smart device in time. A powerbank ensures that we're always available, whatever device we need to charge. Unlike spare batteries, such a device can be used regardless of the type, you can plug it into any gadget. In fact, some can even charge laptops.

What are the criteria for choosing a powerbank?

With the rise of smart devices, more and more powerbanks, also known as external batteries, have appeared on the market. Before buying, it is worth considering whether you have any extra needs when using a powerbank. Newer models now offer wireless charging, solar-powered, self-charging and even devices with a built-in light. Of course, it also matters how many devices you want to charge, or how many you want to use at the same time.

And if speed is the most important consideration, it's worth choosing one with a fast-charging function. These products can even outperform mains chargers thanks to their superior power transfer. Of course, it is important that the smart device you want to use has a fast charging function. However, there are a few aspects to consider when choosing the perfect power bank.


When considering a power bank, the most important factor is the battery capacity. The capacity of devices is usually indicated in mah (milliampere-hours). The bigger it is, the more power it can store, meaning the more you can use it for charging. A smartwatch or Bluetooth headset has a battery of a few hundred mAh, while a high-end smartphone can have a battery of up to 3500 mAh. So that's how much power our powerbank will need to fully charge. Accordingly, it's worth considering whether you'll settle for 10,000 mAh or whether 20,000 mAh is a better choice.

Output voltage

This value shows what devices the external battery can charge. It is usually stated in volts, so make sure that the output voltage is not lower than the devices being charged. The standard USB value is 5V, so don't even think about a powerbank below this value.

Number of ports

It's always worth choosing a power bank with two USB output ports, as this feature has another useful function in addition to the convenience of charging devices at the same time. These USB ports are usually of different voltages, so they also provide faster charging. In the case of power banks, the first port can deliver 1 ampere and the second typically 2 amperes, shortening the charging time. However, a really high-quality item will not only have a USB output, but also a micro USB and USB c port.

Size and weight

Their best feature, portability, is only worth something if it comes with convenient storage. Anything lighter than 500 grams is essentially unfeeling when it comes to the weight of a powerbank, which is the psychological limit. In terms of size, we can come up with almost any variant, the aim being, of course, to make it as practical as possible.

The Emos powerbanks in our online shop are a reliable embodiment of the essence of what we have described above, and we also offer a one-year guarantee. The company has been manufacturing batteries for over 30 years and its products are the perfect solution for almost any situation. You can adapt the capacity of your batteries, the number of output ports or even their weight and size to your needs. Whether you're looking for a useful companion for a trip or for your daily rush, you're sure to find a good value for money solution with Emos products.