Communication Receiver

Radio enthusiasts have always loved to listen to new broadcasts, to listen in on the communication. In the early days, this required a roomful of equipment, but nowadays, thanks to advances in computing and radio technology, we can scan the signals with a device the size of a mobile phone. Communication receivers allow you to do just that.

These devices can detect an astonishingly wide range of radio frequencies and tune in to the received transmission. In principle, you could listen in from your room to the communications of an aircraft flying 12 kilometres over Paris, or even intercept a shortwave transmission from Moscow. A communications receiver is therefore a "must" for all amateur and professional radio operators.

What is a communications receiver good for?

  • Monitoring communications from the ground at airports and air shows
  • Listening to river and sea radio from a port or another vessel
  • Tuning in to international stations
  • Monitoring communications on amateur and hobby radios and CB radios
  • Listening to radio stations (both international and local)
  • Monitoring communications on space stations
  • Listening to PMR bands and PMR446 radios

Is it legal to listen to the bands?

The question is of course legitimate, but it is not easy to answer. There may even be different national rules on which frequencies can be freely listened to. It is therefore worth checking before using a communications receiver.

In general, however, there are no legal restrictions on listening to TV and radio broadcasts, amateur radio signals and international short-wave broadcasting. On the other hand, listening to frequencies used by the police, fire brigade and ambulance services is not allowed, nor is listening to telephone calls.

About our communication receiver range

For many years, Icom and Albrecht have been producing communication radio receivers and radio frequency scanners for a wide range of applications, enabling professionals and amateur enthusiasts to listen to an increasing number of transmissions. Icom's range of receiver radios and RF scanners includes models that connect to your home computer, desktop or base station receiver radios/scanners and handheld communications receivers that are small, portable and have excellent tuning ... wherever you are.

Icom handheld scanners and communication receiver radios

Icom communication receivers are a really practical solution for anywhere, even on the move. Our webshop offers both battery and battery powered versions. These devices typically have AM, FM, WFM modes and can store up to thousands of channels. Some models are also dust and water resistant, making them suitable for "scanning the skies" in any conditions.

Icom mobile scanners and desktop communication receiver radios

Compared to handheld models, these devices allow you to listen to a huge range of frequencies. As you would expect from Icom, a company well known in the radio industry, these devices are also top quality. The colour display makes it really easy to keep track of settings and channels, and some receivers include USB and SD card slots. Like the mobile versions, the desktop scanners can store thousands of channels in memory.

Albrecht scanners and communication receiver radios

The popular Albrecht brand is represented in our range with both handheld and desktop receivers. Here again, the handheld versions are capable of AM/FM/WFM operation and can be battery or battery powered. The desktop scanner operates from 12V DC and can be installed in a car or other vehicle. Some Albrecht scanners are even capable of listening to the reps band.

Browse our range of communication receivers and don't hesitate to contact us if you need expert help! We also offer special broadband receiving antennas for our communication receivers.