Amber Perimeter Light

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Depending on the size of the vehicle, the use of an additional yellow light may be necessary to increase the visibility of the warning signal. The amber perimeter light must provide a strong light effect to warn road users of the danger and protect workers even in extreme weather and visibility conditions. Read more...

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• Approved LED amber flashing perimeter light, flush-mount, fixed with standard screws
• LED flashing amber light with polycarbonate dome and housing
• Amber colored lens with amber colored light source
• Supplied with integrated 3 pcs LED module
• Selectable flashing light or low intensity steady light
• Maximum current: 1.5A @ 12Vdc
• Dimensions: ca. 30mm height, 87,6mm width, 17,2mm depth, 20g weight
• Flashing per minute: 130 FPM (+/- 10)
• Confirms with IP65 standard
• ECE R65 and EMC certifications
• This product works with both 12Vdc and 24Vdc power source
• The picture and the price refers to the 12/24Vdc version 72902 article number

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 173.87€ (Net price: 136.91€)

• 6 pcs high intensity LED
• Suction cup mount version
• 12 volt cig plug with 11.5 foot cord
• Dimensions: 12,27cm length x 3,6cm height x 3,6cm depth
• 12 built-in flash patterns
• 10-16Vdc input voltage
• Designed with Light Synch Technology which allows you to synchronize lights to flash alternating or simultaneously
• ECE R10 certification
• The picture and the price refers to the ENFSWS1A article number

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 223.84€ (Net price: 176.25€)

• 1 pair, 12 leds/lights, 3W/led, amber color
• New, larger version
• Low power consumption
• Easy to install
• Very good light effect
• Approval E20 R10, E9 R65
• Voltage: 10-30V
• Dimensions: 100x65x26mm

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 147.52€ (Net price: 116.15€)

• 1 pair, 6 leds/lights, 3W/led, amber color
• Easy to install
• Low power consumption
• Approval E20 R10, E9 R65
• Voltage: 10-30V
• Dimensions: 100x37x26mm

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 94.46€ (Net price: 74.38€)

• 1 pair, 6 leds/lights, 3W/led, amber color
• Easy to install
• Low power consumption
• Approval E20 R10, E9 R65
• Voltage: 12/24V
• Dimensions: 91x28x8mm

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 94.46€ (Net price: 74.38€)

• 1 pair, 6 leds/lights, 3W/led, amber color
• Easy to install
• Low power consumption
• Approval E20 R10, E9 R65
• Voltage: 12/24V
• Dimensions: 130x25x18mm

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 151.28€ (Net price: 119.12€)

• 8 modules; 3 LED/module
• Dimensions (mm): 960 (length) x 52 (heigth) x 35 (thick)
• Homologations: E20; R10
• Voltage: 12/24V

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 341.92€ (Net price: 269.23€)

• LED REFLECT Grid lights are direction indicator lights that are an optional extra for special vehicles
• The set consists of two lamps, each with 12 LED diodes, each with a power of 3 watts
• Voltage: 12/24V
• Dimensions: 3 cm (height) x 17 cm (length)
• Easy to assemble
• Possibility to synchronise several pieces so they can flash in a selected mode or even in alternating mode
• Compliance certification: R10 and R65

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 158.81€ (Net price: 125.05€)

• The STARLINE 3 KIT consists of two approved linear warning lights developed with LED light sources, designed with a super low profile (only 9 mm) and 3 LEDs that provide excellent light
• An optical cluster of 3 yellow LEDs, providing a high intensity flashing effect with different flashing patterns
• The STARLINE 3 KIT is designed to synchronise the simultaneous or alternating flashing effects of several devices
• This article number contains 2 lights
• Voltage: 12/24V
• Type of fixing: screw fixing
• Dimensions: 86 mm (length) x 28 mm (width)
• Weight: 0,04 kg
• Unbreakable transparent polycarbonate lens for high impact resistance and aluminium base for efficient heat dissipation and maximum durability
• Flash per minute FPM: 130 ±10
• IP68
• Compliance certification: R10, R65
• Product serial number 21480

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 164.97€ (Net price: 129.90€)
9 products in total, page 1: 1 - 9 / 91

When should a yellow perimeter light be used?

An amber perimeter light signal is not a substitute for a primary lightbar or mobile light, but a complement to it. The Hungarian standard stipulates that the amber perimeter light must only be used in conjunction with the primary signal, taking into account the installation specifications and the rules for its operation. The yellow flashing light is intended to increase the visibility of vehicles using the warning signal.

In most cases, only modern LED designs are available, but in the past, halogen and flash tube designs were also available. In general, amber perimeter lights are fixed, with the exception of the windscreen flasher, which can be suction-cup or self-adhesive or Velcro. Manufacturers use different design parabolic mirrors, possibly with headlamp magnifying lenses, to increase the light output.

Depending on the vehicle type and product type, the amber auxiliary light can be used for 12-24V VDC systems. In the area of compliance with standards, photometric compliance parameters R65 and electromagnetic compliance parameters R10 shall be met.

Positioning and control of the amber perimeter light-signalling device

Most amber auxiliary light signals can be installed almost anywhere to suit the user's requirements, subject to compliance with the regulations. It can be mounted on the front bumper or in the grille, on the rear-view mirror, on a side bodywork element or even behind the front windscreen or rear window, or even on the rear door or door frame. When installing a yellow roof lamp, it should be taken into account that the lamp must provide 360° visibility overall, but that this cannot be provided by one device due to the design of the bodywork, an additional yellow lamp or an additional yellow lamp must be installed.

The amber signal is controlled by a push-button switch with an optionally selectable flashing pattern. It provides synchronisation possibilities when more than two lamps are controlled together. The flashing pattern of the amber light is a set of pre-programmed timings, which can be selected by the installer or the user according to the requirements of the country.

Who can use amber flashing?

The use of amber flashers is regulated by IRM Regulation 12/2007 (13.III), which distinguishes between two groups of users, those who do not need an official authorisation to install them and those who may be granted an official authorisation if the purpose of the vehicle operation justifies it.