With a headlamp, you can make small or big jobs much easier, but also create perfect lighting conditions when hiking. Choose from our range of quality headlamps below! Read more...

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• Light source: CREE LED + COB LED (green, red) + red LED (back-light)
• LED lifetime: 50.000 hours
• Power supply: 3xAAA battery or AAA battery, 2032 button cell
• Light range: COB ~15m; CREE 100% on ~54m, 50% on ~30m
• Continuous operating time: ~45 hours
• Lighting modes: COB white, COB green, COB red; CREE 100% + COB white (330lm),CREE 100%, CREE 50%, CREE flashing
• Adjustable angle of inclination, rear red light continuous or flashing
• Low power consumption, high brightness, low weight, emergency whistle on headband, IP44

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 16.52€ (Net price: 13.01€)

• Light source: COB LED
• Power supply: 3× AAA
• Lighting time: 20-40 hours
• Operating modes: COB LED 100%, COB LED 50%, flashing
• Beam angle: 110°
• Max. lighting distance: 15 m
• Max luminous flux: 110 lm
• Battery type: LR03 (1.5 V)
• 3 lighting modes
• Black colour
• Material: ABS plastic
• Dimensions: 60 × 18 × 40 mm
• Weight: 21 g/56 g
• Impact resistance

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 2.56€ (Net price: 2.01€)

• Light source: CREE SMD LED
• Power supply: Li-Ion
• Li-ion LED LED (Li-ion LED) Light duration: 40 s - 60 hours
• Operating modes: COB LED 100%, COB LED 50%, flashing
• Max. lighting distance: 130 m
• Max luminous flux: 600 lm
• Battery type: 18650/3.7 V/2 600 mAh
• LED charge indicator
• Charging connector type: micro USB
• 5 lighting modes
• Black colour
• Material: ABS plastic
• ABS ABS plastic Dimensions: 60 × 18 × 40 mm x 153 g
• Special features: button lock mode
• Tags: magnet, metal clasp
• IPX4 water resistance and 1m shock resistance protection
• Accessories: micro USB cable

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 31.50€ (Net price: 24.80€)
3 products in total, page 1: 1 - 3 / 31

Why is a headlamp better than a traditional headlamp?

You can adjust the angle of inclination

Thanks to the adjustable tilt angle, you can shine the light exactly where you want it. So you never have to move your head around when you're fixing something, because once you've adjusted the angle, you can concentrate on your work.

Both hands are free

Whether you're tinkering or hiking, carrying an ordinary torch is always uncomfortable and can also impede your progress. But with a head torch, both hands are free.

When you're mounting it, even the smallest screw can be tightened and you can see the parts clearly, so you don't even accidentally damage your device. For professional and amateur mechanics alike, it's important to have a quality headlamp to hand.

When you're hiking, you'll see exactly where you're going, so you can navigate the trail more safely. And in the event of a minor slip, both hands will be there to cushion the impact, even preventing serious accidents.

You can wear it comfortably for long distances

Thanks to the adjustable strap, you'll never wear your headlamp too tight or too loose, as the soft strap adjusts perfectly to your head size. This way, even really long periods of use are not uncomfortable, which is an unbeatable advantage over traditional headlamps. And you won't tire your hands, because you won't have to carry a heavy torch around all the time.

Choice of lighting modes

Modern headlamps have a range of lighting functions. You can choose between COB white, COB green and COB red shades, and you can set the functions to be continuous or flashing. What's more, in the event of an emergency, our headlamps not only give you a red emergency light, but also an emergency whistle on the headband to alert those around you to a possible accident and call for help, both with light and sound.

You never have to worry about dropping the light

It often only takes one wrong move to break a lamp into a million pieces. Even though more and more lamps now have non-slip handles, trouble can happen at any time. However, the headlamp stays firmly on your head all the time, without you having to pay special attention to its movement. So you can even use it while cycling or running.

Choose a headlamp from our range above and create perfect lighting conditions in comfort!