The headlamp can help you make your tasks easier, but you can also use it to create perfect lighting conditions while hiking. When you're hiking, you can see exactly where you're going, so you can follow your route more safely. And with a headlamp on your head, you'll have both hands available to cushion the impact in case of a minor slip, even preventing serious accidents. Read more...

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• Light source: CREE LED + COB LED (green, red) + red LED (back-light)
• LED lifetime: 50.000 hours
• Power supply: 3xAAA battery or AAA battery, 2032 button cell
• Light range: COB ~15m; CREE 100% on ~54m, 50% on ~30m
• Continuous operating time: ~45 hours
• Lighting modes: COB white, COB green, COB red; CREE 100% + COB white (330lm),CREE 100%, CREE 50%, CREE flashing
• Adjustable angle of inclination, rear red light continuous or flashing
• Low power consumption, high brightness, low weight, emergency whistle on headband, IP44

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 16.84€ (Net price: 13.26€)

• Light source: COB LED
• Power supply: 3× AAA
• Lighting time: 20-40 hours
• Operating modes: COB LED 100%, COB LED 50%, flashing
• Beam angle: 110°
• Max. lighting distance: 15 m
• Max luminous flux: 110 lm
• Battery type: LR03 (1.5 V)
• 3 lighting modes
• Black colour
• Material: ABS plastic
• Dimensions: 60 × 18 × 40 mm
• Weight: 21 g/56 g
• Impact resistance

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 2.46€ (Net price: 1.93€)

• Light source: CREE SMD LED
• Power supply: Li-Ion
• Li-ion LED LED (Li-ion LED) Light duration: 40 s - 60 hours
• Operating modes: COB LED 100%, COB LED 50%, flashing
• Max. lighting distance: 130 m
• Max luminous flux: 600 lm
• Battery type: 18650/3.7 V/2 600 mAh
• LED charge indicator
• Charging connector type: micro USB
• 5 lighting modes
• Black colour
• Material: ABS plastic
• ABS ABS plastic Dimensions: 60 × 18 × 40 mm x 153 g
• Special features: button lock mode
• Tags: magnet, metal clasp
• IPX4 water resistance and 1m shock resistance protection
• Accessories: micro USB cable

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 36.33€ (Net price: 28.61€)
3 products in total, page 1: 1 - 3 / 31

Why is a headlamp better than a conventional headlamp?

There are several reasons for this, the first argument worth mentioning is the adjustable angle of inclination. This means you can always shine the light exactly where you want it. This means you never have to hold your head up when you're installing something, because once you've adjusted the angle, you can concentrate on your work. But perhaps more importantly, the headlamp leaves both hands free. Whether you're tinkering or hiking, carrying a regular torch is always uncomfortable and can also impede your progress.

With a flashlight, however, both hands remain free, so whatever you're doing, you can be more efficient. The third aspect is proper lighting. If you're working in a place where the lamp is above you, you're covering the part of your head that's most important. During installation, even the slightest screw must be tightened to ensure that the components are clearly visible, so that no damage is done to the device, even accidentally. That's why it's important for professional and amateur mechanics alike to always have a quality headlamp to hand.

The headlamp is comfortable to wear for long periods of time

The adjustable strap ensures that the headlamp is never too tight or too loose, as the soft strap can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly. This way, even during really long periods of use, you won't feel uncomfortable, which is an unbeatable advantage over traditional headlamps. And your hands won't get tired, either, because you no longer have to carry a heavy torch that you have to hold all the time.

What is the weight and size of the headlamp?

The headlamps available in the DND Telecom webshop measure 60 x 18 x 40 mm. This general size is perfectly suitable for an adult with an average head size. The headlamp can be easily adjusted to the circumference of your head. It weighs so little that you won't even notice you are wearing it. The pencil battery powered version weighs 53 grams, while the model with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery weighs just 153 grams.

How long does the headlamp last on a single charge or battery change?

If you choose a headlamp that uses AAA batteries, you will probably need 3 of them. In this case, the headlamp can illuminate the work area in front of you for 20-40 hours. But if we choose a rechargeable headlamp, this time will be between 40 and 60 hours.

What type of light source does the headlamp use?

Today's modern headlamps incorporate LED technology. This is because this type of light source provides us with the right illumination.

How bright is the light of a headlamp?

Manufacturers usually specify the luminous intensity of their headlamps in lumens, abbreviated lm. In the case of headlamps, this is achieved by incorporating an LED chip mounted on a printed circuit board. Depending on the LED light source used in the headlamp, the luminous intensity can vary between 110 and 600 lm. When using headlamps, it is also possible to narrow or widen the brightness.

Widening is recommended for outdoor use, because it allows the lamp to illuminate a larger area, while narrowing is recommended when working with miniature parts and when you want to illuminate the work area as much as possible. In 90 percent of cases, the use of headlamps is limited to surfaces and objects in the immediate vicinity.

Is it possible to control the brightness of headlamps?

Of course there is. The luminous intensity of LED headlamps is measured from a distance of seven metres at a vertical angle of incidence in a dark room. The manufacturers also indicate the maximum range in the headlamp's properties. In this case, this means the maximum lighting range, i.e. the lamps should be set to the maximum lighting range. However, in this case, increasing the light output will also affect the battery capacity.

We have several lighting modes to choose from for floodlights

Modern headlamps have a number of lighting functions. In terms of colours, you can choose between COB white, COB green and COB red shades, and in terms of functions, you can set continuous or flashing lighting. What's more, in the event of an emergency, DND Telecom headlamps not only provide a red emergency light, but also an emergency whistle on the headband to alert those around you to a possible accident or emergency call.

When using a headlamp, there is no need to worry about dropping the headlamp

Often it only takes one wrong move to break a lamp into a million pieces. Even though more and more lamps now have non-slip handles, trouble can happen at any time. But the headlamp stays firmly on your head all the time, without you having to pay attention to its movement. So you can even use it while cycling or running.

Choose a headlamp from the range above and create impeccable lighting conditions in comfort!