Mosquito Repellent Device

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From spring to autumn, we have to deal with tiny bloodsuckers that even make an annoying noise. If you're looking for a professional outdoor solution and want a 100% guarantee that your hike in the woods, camping trip or barbecue won't be disturbed by these pesky insects, then ThermaCell mosquito repellent is the product for you.

Mosquito repellent mastery

In our environment, mosquitoes can be a nuisance, because in addition to their itchy bites, they can also insistently hum their insufferable melodies in our ears, making it difficult to sleep, go on a hike, enjoy the garden, have a picnic or camp out. Alongside indoor electric mosquito repellents and sprays, outdoor mosquito repellent lights and devices are in their heyday - and for that we can be very grateful.

If you want a perfectly effective repellent and don't want to have to spray your skin with oily, unpleasant-smelling sprays, then ThermaCell mosquito repellents from DND's online store are the ones to choose. Outdoors, they form an unbeatable, fragrance-free, invisible shield around you over an area of up to 21 square metres. Bloodsuckers will never come near you, and the manufacturer guarantees it. There are stylish table-top versions that you can put on your porch, balcony or patio, and there are portable and hand-held mosquito repellers that you can take anywhere.

How does the perfect mosquito repellent work?

The ThermaCell outdoor mosquito repellents work on the same principle, thanks to their zone repellent technology, no need to spray nasty chemicals on your skin or clothes, no need to use an open flame and endure the smell of an alarm candle or incense, no need to tap your feet or grab your ears. A small butane bottle provides the power for the equipment. When the butane gas is turned on, the panels in the mosquito repellent are activated. This causes the special repellent to vaporise from the replaceable panels, which should not be confused with indoor panel solutions. And its composition and effect are unique. In just a few minutes, the protection zone is established. It has no unpleasant odours, goes unnoticed and is very effective.

For how long does a mosquito repellent provide protection?

The butane gas cartridge lasts for around 12 hours and the replaceable mosquito repellent pads keep mosquitoes away for up to 4 hours, so you can go on a day trip without a problem. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a birthday party or barbecue outdoors without the horde of bloodsuckers.

How long does it take for the mosquito repellent to reach maximum effectiveness?

The device is 98 percent effective at keeping mosquitoes away 10-15 minutes after it is switched on. Please note that this mosquito repellent is for outdoor use only!

How should you clean or maintain your Thermocell mosquito repellent for long life?

Wipe the Thermocell mosquito repellent with a damp cloth. For long life, never immerse it in water or dishwashing liquid.

How many mosquito repellents should be installed in a large area?

If you want to keep pesky mosquitoes away from a large area of your garden or patio, you only need to install 4 mosquito repellent devices every 4.5 metres. Thermocell mosquito repellents can protect an area of up to 9 x 9 or 15 x 18 metres. If you want to be on the safe side, place a fifth mosquito repellent in the middle of the zone, a Thermocell desktop mosquito repellent, for optimum protection. If you want to make an even larger area mosquito-free, such as a family event or wedding, the possibilities for mosquito protection are virtually endless with this arrangement and additional devices.

Can Thermacell mosquito repellent also be used against other flying insects such as flies or wasps?

No, this mosquito repellent has been developed by the brand to repel mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects.

Is Thermacell mosquito repellent harmful to humans or pets?

No, the replaceable panels are and contain no other ingredients that are harmful to humans or pets. DEET, stands for N, N-diethylmetha-toluamide, a slightly yellow-coloured oil that is the most common active ingredient in insecticides. The DEET chemical was developed by the US Army during World War II, based on experience in jungle warfare. It was recommended for use on skin, but more commonly on clothing, and was used specifically to prevent tick and mosquito bites. If chemical-free mosquito repellent is important to you, then the purchase of Thermacell devices is recommended.

Which accessories should we choose for our mosquito killer?

The DND webshop offers the best ThermaCell mosquito repellents and lamps, as well as the accessories that go with them. You can choose a protective cover for your favourite hand-held or desktop mosquito repellent, but also refillable batteries and a small energy unit, the butane bottle.

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