AIS Transponder

In our product portfolio you can find Nauticast, Icom, L-3, Saab and Kongsberg AIS transponder devices. A Class A AIS transponder is a mandatory accessory for a ship above a certain ship size, just like a ship's marine radio. While Class A devices are typically for industrial vessels (freight, cargo or passenger), Class B devices are not mandatory devices for recreational craft. Inland AIS transponders are uploaded with static (ship ID, call sign, name), dynamic (position, speed, direction of travel) and voyage (dive, destination, estimated time of arrival, delivery) data. Vessels equipped with a transponder and a coastal inland AIS base station can display vessels within range that emit identification signals, so that either the AIS's own display or an ECDIS display allows the ship's operator to have an up-to-date overview of water traffic in the area.