Code3 Siren

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• 100W output power
• Small size, can be hidden in the passenger compartment
• 3 siren sounds plus horn
• 12V, 1,5A

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 275.52€ (Net price: 216.95€)

▪ Power supply: 12V
▪ Power: 200W
▪ Dimensions: 2.7 cm (depth) x 6.2 cm (height) x 7.1 cm (width)
▪ Compliance certificate: R10
▪ Voice control: 7 beeps
▪ Light control: 3 light level buttons
▪ Functions: radio broadcast, backlighting and voice announcer with built-in noise cancelling microphone and push-button programmable siren sounds
▪ Provides the user with full control of the siren, lights and public address microphone in a backlit handheld controller

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 508.56€ (Net price: 400.44€)

• Input voltage: 10-16Vdc
• Power: 100W (sound through up to four speakers)
• Horn button on the control panel
• Dimensions (control head): 22.2 mm (depth) x 66.7 mm (height) x 117.5 mm (width)
• Dimensions (amplifier): 177.8 mm (depth) x 63.5 mm (height) x 193.7 mm (width)
• Functions: instant activation, public address function, automatic deactivation of siren and headlights when the vehicle is stopped (park kill)

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 434.55€ (Net price: 342.17€)