Amateur Radio

Among our amateur transceiver radios you will find Icom and Midland brand products in handheld, mobile and desktop versions.

Icom and Midland offer a wide range of amateur radios, meant for all radio amateurs with a license. The Japanese Icom manufacturer have been producing amateur radio (Ham radio) products for more than 40 years. Having more Amateur Radio knowledge than almost anyone else, Icom are a market leader in Amateur Radio (Ham), with a long standing reputation for quality, innovation and design... just ask any Amateur.

Our product portfolio also includes digital amateur radios according to Icom's own D-STAR system. For digital amateur radio system, we can provide Icom infrastructure for VHF, UHF and 1.2Ghz bands. Among our communication receivers, we offer handheld and desktop radios, for which you can also find a special broadband receiver antenna. Among our Sirio and Diamond antennas you will also find drillable and magnetic antennas specifically for the amateur band.

The framework for amateur radio

Radio amateurs are people whose hobby or passion is to operate (or perhaps build) radio transceivers, with an official licence from the authorities of the country concerned, and to use them to communicate with radio amateurs around the world. Radio amateurs also carry out radio orienteering, gyro-gramming and speed radio (Morse code), all of which are radio activities of a sporting nature.

The equipment needed for all these activities is now easily available and can be found in our range.

An amateur radio licence can be obtained after passing the amateur radio exam. The CEPT-type exam entitles amateur radio operators to operate their radio stations without a special licence during short visits to CEPT member countries.

More about Icom

The founder of the Japanese company, Tokuzo Inoue, became obsessed with radio in high school. After a visit to a radio shop, he decided to dedicate his life to wireless communications. It was in this spirit that he founded Icom in Osaka, Japan, in 1954. Today, the company's products are present all over the world, and Icom has offices in the USA, England, France and Germany, among other countries.

More about Midland

For 50 years, the American company has been at the forefront of radio technology. Its CB radios and 14-channel FRS radios offer ground-breaking solutions, and the Kansas-based company is a market leader in radio stations, transceivers and emergency radios. With products that are popular in Europe and Asia as well as America, Midland amateur radios are a reliable and safe choice.

About the amateur radio exam

If you want to become an amateur radio operator, you can choose between three options: basic, intermediate or the harmonised amateur radio operator exam (HAREC level). The minimum age for the basic and HAREC exams is 14 years, while the minimum age for the entry level is 16 years. For all three examinations, it is true that they can be combined with a Morse code examination, either simultaneously or separately.

The detailed conditions are laid down in the NMHH Decree 15/2013 (25.IX.) on the Amateur Radio Service, but the law does not specify how to prepare for the exam. Therefore, there are a number of options: preparation courses, radio club preparation, online learning or the classic textbook solution.

The exam itself consists of an oral and a written part. The latter consists of a multiple-choice test, some easy calculations, a drawing and a few essay questions on basic technical, safety and legal knowledge, radio distribution and abbreviations. The oral part is also an exercise, as the candidate has to conduct real, regular radio communications with the examiner in the other room. After successful completion of the exam, the amateur radio licence is issued.