WiFi Antennas

Year after year, wifi antennas are offering longer range and better signal strength, and more and better quality accessories are becoming available to increase their performance or even to extend the network. Nowadays, continuous and fast Internet access has become part of everyday life, often a basic requirement, and we can do a lot to achieve this by using the right wifi antennas and, where appropriate, accessories.

Wifi antenna types

First, let's take a brief look at what we mean by directional and omnidirectional wifi antennas, as well as active and passive devices.

Directional and omnidirectional wifi antennas

The two basic types of wifi antennas are directional and omnidirectional. An omnidirectional wifi antenna transmits and receives signals in a 360 degree direction, while a directional one is always concentrated towards a specific point. Think of it as the difference between a light bulb and a flashlight: the former emits light in all directions, while the latter only emits light towards one point.

If you need to transmit the signal over a greater distance and need to transmit a connection between a known fixed point, a directional wifi antenna may be a suitable choice. By improving the signal strength, it can be used to extend the range. Generally speaking, the narrower the area where the signal is concentrated, the greater the range.

And an omnidirectional wifi antenna can be useful for transmitting and receiving from all directions, for example to create a hotspot.

Active and passive devices

Another way of looking at wifi antennas is that we can talk about passive and active devices. Passive wifi is an energy-saving and efficient solution that is still relatively new. In essence, the devices connected to it remain passive, communicating with the transmitting unit without a radio frequency component. Overall, passive wifi uses three to four times less energy to operate than active versions, but offers a much greater range, sometimes hundreds of metres, compared to active versions.

It's worth investing in a serious wifi antenna

A good quality antenna can be useful even in a household, for example if you want to make the most of the bandwidth offered by your service provider. A fast and reliable long-range connection between your devices and the router. In particular, passive Wi-Fi offers better performance than ever before and is a great choice when you need to set up a wireless network in an office, warehouse or even a factory.

Wide range of wifi antennas and accessories

Our webshop has all the equipment and accessories you need to build a stable, reliable and high-performance network. In our range of wifi antennas, you can choose from a selection of mainly passive devices and their often useful signal amplifiers.

You will also find everything you need to set up an industrial or household network, from 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz outdoor and indoor wifi antennas to cables, connectors, extension cables, cable converters and antenna mounting brackets.

Our 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz antenna range includes Sirio, Diamond, Maxlink, PC Engines and Carant antennas. Among the types we offer directional and sector antennas, omnidirectional antennas as well as desktop antennas. Some antenna types cover some GSM bands (3G, 4G, LTE) in addition to the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bandwidths, so they can also be used for these purposes. Our products also include small omnidirectional wifi stick antennas for use on wifi devices.

And if you need a custom cable made or an outdoor antenna installed to create your network, contact us and we will help you!