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For many people, car radios are a source of entertainment, as they like to use their favourite radio station while driving. For others, however, the radio is also a work tool: think taxi drivers, truckers or even ambulances. Whatever the purpose of your car radio, you will need a car radio antenna. Read more...

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• Univerzal car antenna
• M5 drilled antenna
• 2 types of adapters: M5, M6
Antenna length: 240 mm
• Spare antenna rod for car antenna

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 3.67€ (Net price: 2.89€)

• Univerzal car antenna
• M5 drilled antenna
• 2 types of adapters: M5, M6
Antenna length: 360 mm
• Spare antenna rod for car antenna

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 5.26€ (Net price: 4.14€)
2 products in total, page 1: 1 - 2 / 21
Fortunately, the antenna on most car models is really easy to replace, so it's worth getting a spare and keeping it with you.

What radio frequencies can you pick up with your car aerial?

FM band

FM stands for "frequency modulation", which means modulated frequency. The technology is almost a century old, with the first FM radio broadcasts having been broadcast in America in 1933. Since then, FM has become one of the most widely used frequencies. Its main advantage is its ability to cover a wide reception area (80-90 km) while providing high quality broadcasts.

The so-called Western UHF (FM) broadcasting band, which includes our country, is 87.5-108 MHz. This is the band where you can reach the most popular national and regional commercial and public service radio stations, as well as smaller community radio stations. FM stations can be received by all the car radios we sell.

AM band

The history of amplitude modulation or AM for short dates back to 1920. Although the quality of transmission is poorer than FM, it can be used to transmit over long distances. The frequency range of medium wave AM is from 531 kHz to 1611 kHz. FM technology has significantly replaced AM in recent decades, and only a few stations are now operating on these frequencies. This is not exhaustive:

  • Kossuth Radio: Solt, 540 kHz
  • Dankó Radio: Miskolc, 1116 kHz
  • Nemzetiségi Radio: Győr, 1350 kHz

DAB and DAB+ band

DAB and DAB+ stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. Although this type of radio broadcasting ceased in Hungary in 2020, it is becoming more widespread and popular abroad. This is no coincidence, as digital broadcasting offers significant advantages over both AM and FM radio.

The most important of these is that DAB and DAB+ systems allow completely noise-free transmission, meaning you can listen to your favourite radio station in unrivalled quality. They can also transmit a wide range of extra information (e.g. traffic news) and 10-18 stations can be received on a single frequency. Although DAB and DAB+ do not require a separate aerial, they can be received only with the right equipment.

Wide range of car antennas in the DND webshop

Car antennas are just a small part of our range. It is also worth looking at our range if you need a different type. For example, a compatible antenna is essential for CB radio, and we have an outstanding range of products in our webshop. You can even buy a state-of-the-art WiFi antenna, but we're also here if you need a shortwave, VHF, GPS or airband antenna.

Our experts will give you all the help you need to make the right decision, and of course we can also help you with the installation!