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The use of a state-of-the-art transceiver offers businesses and organisations a wealth of opportunities to communicate two-way in a clear, efficient way, without wasting time. The DND Telecom webshop offers a quick and easy way to find the various types of transceiver accessories you may need to meet your organisation's objectives and ensure smooth operation. All of them are available with impeccable quality, long service life and easy handling.

Types of transceiver accessories

When designing the range of transceiver accessories available, we have endeavoured to ensure that there is an optional accessory for each of the types of communication device accessories available. So whether you're looking for a battery, headset, handheld microphone, desktop microphone or external speakers, we have a good chance of finding the right option to suit your needs. As well as battery chargers or antennas and their accessories.

In addition to the above, programming software, transceiver embeddable panels and extra functions are also available. And if you need a case and/or belt clip, cables and cable adapters or mounting frames to help you carry your transceivers in your daily life, they are also available here with just a few clicks.

What types of transceivers can you find the right accessories for in the DND Telecom webshop?

In the DND Telecom webshop you can find accessories for almost all types of transceivers. For example, for walkie-talkies, CB radios, VHF radios and repeaters, ATEX explosion-proof radios, POC and amateur radios, communication receivers, airband and marine radios, AIS transponders, satellite phones, WiFi transceivers, TourGuide systems, but also for data transmission radios.

Which transceiver accessories come with which benefits?

Conscious use of the different types of walkie-talkie and walkie-talkie accessories is designed to promote the most effective, efficient and effective communication. Essentially in a corporate environment, on a project basis or during working hours between team members working together. Of course, it is recommended to choose between different types of transceiver accessories according to individual needs and the basic working conditions.

This can have the great advantage of being the quickest way to transmit work-related information without ambiguity. A further advantage that can be associated with the purchase and use of transceiver accessories is that they can be used for both licensed and unlicensed two-way radios.

What are the general uses of transceiver equipment?

Of course, the specific way in which this is done in each company or project environment should be tailored to individual objectives. The mobility of transceiver accessories can be a powerful tool to ensure that they function perfectly in industrial, logistical, commercial and construction environments, among others. Therefore, if the tools and equipment currently in use to facilitate communication do not necessarily serve the purposes of your company or organisation, it may be worth considering upgrading to the transceiver and VHF radio accessory versions available on this site.

What is certain is that the transceiver accessories and other products available here at the DND Telecom web store are of impeccable quality, with user-friendly operation and trouble-free operation for long-term use. What's more, we even offer a maintenance service to help you get the most out of these devices.

What brands of transceiver accessories can you find in the DND Telecom webshop?

We offer transceiver accessories for Icom, Motorola, Entel, Albrecht, Midland and other brands of radios, as well as accessories that are not branded with the manufacturer. So these accessories are manufactured by a third party, but of course the compatibility of each product with the indicated type is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Accordingly, this product category also includes transceiver accessories of the JDI and Voxtech brands sourced from the Far East. In addition, you will also find mounting frames, bead cases and other accessories from other manufacturers, for example for VHF radios or CB radios.

What extras, such as speakers or headphones, are available for use with the transceivers?

Headphones or external speakers are a prominent group of transceiver accessories. The use of these accessories depends to a large extent on whether there is someone else in the room where you are using any type of transceiver who might be disturbed by your conversation. If so, use headphones or headsets.

In this case, choose a model that will detect little ambient noise and allow you to concentrate on the task at hand. But you can also choose a throat-mic version with a skull microphone. All are well-proven accessories, making them perfect for open-plan offices, home offices, video and telephone conferencing. If you're alone in the room and it bothers you to have a transceiver headset on your head, use a transceiver external speaker.

Do you need a protective cover or case to make the transceiver safer to use?

There are many differences between hand-held or stationary transceivers and those for industrial or hobby use. Transceivers designed for handheld or home use are built into a plastic housing by the manufacturers. It is recommended to wear a harness or belt clip when wearing this type of communication device, as both hands remain free when the transceiver is not in use.

For industrial use, transceivers are usually made of durable materials and housed in a metal casing. However, for example, in the case of car-mounted transceivers, it is advisable to choose a mounting frame that guarantees both the device and our physical safety.

How to choose the right power supply for your transceivers?

Power supply for transceivers is a very important issue. After all, if the device is not working, it cannot do its job. It is therefore important to determine whether you want to power your portable transceiver or your industrial communication device installed in a specific location. If it is a portable device, we can power it with a battery, and for this we will also need adapters, multi-slot chargers, fast chargers to charge the batteries efficiently. If it is a fixed communication device, you will need a good quality power cable. In this case, you need to pay attention to its length.

Are special adapters or converters needed to connect the transceivers to other devices?

As mentioned above, there is a wide range of transceiver types to choose from in the DND Telecom webshop. In recent years, these types of communication devices have been equipped with different connectors in order to connect a wide range of devices. For example adapters, fast chargers, converters. Unfortunately, to date, many manufacturers are still working with their own proprietary set of connectors. Therefore, it is always worth checking which connector you can use to connect the particular accessory to the transceiver and then choosing the right adapter, charger or power cable for you.