For decades, the most common type of lamp in households has been the hand-held lamp. It makes it easier to get through a power cut, easier to find dark places (such as attics and basements) where the electricity was not connected, and makes it easy to do small electrical tasks in the dark. Thanks to their cordless design, they are easy to hold and lightweight even with the batteries needed for operation, making them a simple light source. They are now available in several sizes, equipped with special features. Read more...

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• Light source: 1 LED 1W / 55lm
• LED lifetime: 50.000 hours
• Power supply: 2xAA batteries or AA battery
• Light range: ~125 m
• Continuous operating time: ~16 hours
• Shockproof design
• Low power consumption, high brightness, low weight, rubberized design, wrist strap

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 4.91€ (Net price: 3.87€)
Special gross price: 2.91€ (Net price: 2.29€)
40,78% discount

• Light source: 1 LED + COB LED
• Power supply: 3× AAA LR03 (1.5 V)
• Maximum luminous flux: 230 lm
• Light range: ~210 m
• Continuous operating time: approx. 1.5-6 hours
• Dimensions: 148 × 35 mm
• Weight: 158 g
• 158.5 kg - 158.5 lbs.
• Base accessory: wrist strap
• Magnetic socket

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 12.77€ (Net price: 10.05€)

• Light source: OSRAM LED
• Maximum luminous flux: 300 lm
• Power supply: Li-Ion battery pack
• Li-ion lamp (Li-Ion) Li-Ion light: Li-Ion lamp
• Light range: 370 m
• Lighting time: 24-30 hours
• Luminous intensity: 50 % - 140 lm, 100 % - 300 lm
• Operating modes: 50 %, 100 %, off
• Accessories: charging adapter + car adapter, shoulder strap
• Size: 162 × 100 × 140 mm
• Battery type: 2 400 mAh/3,7 V

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 24.11€ (Net price: 18.99€)

• Light source: OSRAM LED
• Maximum luminous flux: 750 lm
• Power supply: Li-Ion battery pack
• Total charging time: 6.5 hours
• Light range: 0 % - 300 m, 100 % - 470 m
• Lighting time: 15-30 hours
• Lighting distance: 470 m
• Light intensity: 50% - 310 lm, 100% - 750 lm
• Operating modes: 50%, 100%, flashing
• Accessories: charging adapter + car adapter, shoulder strap
• Dimensions: 212 × 150 × 175 mm
• Weight: 527 g
• Battery type: 4 000 mAh/3,7 V
• Charging connector type: micro USB B
• Features: battery protection function, portable battery function

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 37.78€ (Net price: 29.75€)

• Light source: LED
• Power: Li-Ion 18650 or 3× AAA
• Lighting time: 4-8 hours (recharge time-4 hours)
• Max. lighting distance: 230 m
• Max luminous flux: 600 lm
• Battery type: 2 000 mAh/3.7 V or LR03 (1.5 V)
• 3 lighting modes
• Charging socket type: USB C
• Special functions: quick on/off
• Charging with LED indicator
• Black colour
• Material: aluminium
• Dimensions: 183 × 41 × 41 mm
• Water and impact resistant protection

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 30.51€ (Net price: 24.03€)
5 products in total, page 1: 1 - 5 / 51

The modern hand lamp

Of course, the design and function of hand-held lamps have changed a lot over the years, but they have also evolved in line with technological progress. In addition to the ordinary torch, there are now countless other types, from the tiny keychain torch to the torch for mechanics, the pole torch or even the work torch with special features. These types of lamps are still referred to collectively as hand lamps, mainly because of the way they are used and the style in which they are held. They are generally characterised by the fact that they have some kind of handle or any kind of hook to provide targeted lighting.

What is the ideal hand lamp?

Although there are many different types of hand lamp available today, there are a few basic features to keep in mind when choosing one.

Rechargeable battery

When choosing a hand lamp, the ability to recharge is a key consideration. So if it runs out of power, you simply need to charge it and you can use it again. This will make it much easier and more cost-effective to operate, as you won't have to constantly change batteries and charging it requires minimal power. It also saves space, as you don't need to carry spare batteries or accumulators.

If you choose a rechargeable handheld torch, you can charge it anywhere and anytime you have an outlet. In fact, instead of using a mains adapter for charging, many modern handlamps are now equipped with a USB port. With a multifunctional portable charger, a powerbank and a simple USB cable, you can literally charge your torch whenever the mood takes you.

LED light source

To provide really high brightness, you need an LED light, which has a number of advantages over traditional light bulbs. Unlike light sources that are considered obsolete, LED lamps provide much more light and have a longer lifetime. So from both an economic and energy consumption point of view, it is a more sensible and safer choice to use LED light sources. The bulb needs to be changed less often and it will light even further than conventional bulbs with the same light output.

Special features

In addition to general uses, many working conditions may require the use of a hand lamp. Modern torches have been designed to meet these needs, sometimes with special features compared to a simple torch. Water resistance is a common attribute, as is the rubber coating to prevent minor damage from dropping. Also popular are the colour options beyond the basic white, which are commonly used for emergency signals. But there are also versions with adjustable brightness, heat sensor, built-in anti-roll protection and different types of clip-on covers for unique features.

DND's range includes both pencil and battery-powered lights, available in plastic and metallic versions. If you want an economical and truly long-lasting lamp, opt for an LED lamp, which can provide up to 50,000 hours of life in addition to its bright light!

EMOS flashlights are available in many designs. Whether it is a flashlight, a torch lamp, a headlamp, a mounting lamp or a lamp built into a keychain, we are sure that you will find the right type for you in our product portfolio. EMOS flashlights typically have an LED light source, guaranteeing low failure and tens of thousands of hours of use. Some devices can be used with a battery or even a rechargeable battery, ensuring economical long-term use.