Bluetooth Hearing Protection Earmuffs

• Attenuation Rating: SNR: 30dB
• With accessories: HY82 (Hygiene kit cushion and foamliner), HYM1000-100 (Hygiene Tape for Microphone)
• Hearing protector with Headband
• Built-in FM radio
• Level-dependent function for ambient listening to help improve your situational awareness (limited to 82 dB)
• Battery Life: 70 hours
• Bluetooth MultiPoint Technology for connection to one or two external devices for hands-free talk and streaming
• Push-to-Listen feature to easily and instantaneously listen to your surroundings

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 666.45€ (Net price: 524.76€)

• Protects your hearing (Attenuation Rating SNR: 26dB)
• Noise level dependent
• Built-in two-way communication radio
• Power supply: disposable AA, AA or rechargeable NiMH pack
• Bluetooth multipoint technology for simultaneous wireless connection to two devices
• Battery life 45 hours
• PTL, Push-To-Listen function
• Ambient listening technology helps workers to hear ambient sounds in low noise and helps provide protection when noise is loud
• Voice-operated start of transmission (VOX)
• Compatible radio brands Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Sepura
• Improved menu system for ease of use (voice feedback menu system)
• Available in neck strap or helmet mount versions
• FLX2 connector

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 624.93€ (Net price: 492.07€)

• Hearing protector with built-in two-way radio
• Level-dependent technology helps improve situational awareness and communication
• Bluetooth multipoint connectivity allows seamless connection of mobile devices
• Push-to-listen quick activation of level dependent function
• Noise cancelling, waterproof IP68 classified microphone
• Voice operated transmission (VOX) for hands free use in high noise environments
• Available as headband, neckband or helmet attachment
• Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
• Use to help you communicate efficiently in high noise environments
• Auto power off function
• Voice menu with multiple language selection
• Busy channel indication
• Battery status indication

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 1,339.77€ (Net price: 1,054.93€)

• Attenuation (SNR): 32dB
• Hearing protector with built-in programmable analogue and digital two-way radio
• Lithium-ion, rechargeable battery
• Connection type: Wireless
• Push-to-listen quick activation of level dependent function
• Program up to 70 unique radio channels
• Noise cancelling waterproof microphone
• Voice operated transmission (VOX) for hands free use in high noise environments
• Fitted with built-in transceiver
• Up to 11 hr, can be increased up to 17 hr with the power save feature
• Helmet-mountable design
• Use to help you communicate efficiently in high noise environments

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 1,724.03€ (Net price: 1,357.50€)

To protect our hearing in noisy environments, we must seek effective protection. To do this, we must wear some form of hearing protection at all times while working. A Bluetooth hearing protection earpiece is the perfect choice.

How is a Bluetooth hearing protector different?

Wearing an active earpiece with Bluetooth technology means that you don't feel isolated from others and it makes it easier to communicate with your colleagues. This active hearing protector - unlike normal (passive) and electronic (active) hearing protectors - allows wireless connection to Bluetooth compatible devices. It can be paired with up to two devices (e.g. mobile phone, DECT phone or two-way transceiver radio).

With a Bluetooth hearing protection headset, users don't have to miss a single call: with the headset/earpiece, users can listen and talk to compatible devices with two different Bluetooth-enabled devices: two mobile phones, one mobile phone and a DECT phone, or one mobile phone and a two-way radio transceiver. Even when communicating, you don't have to stop working, as the headset's noise-cancelling microphone allows you to talk easily, even in noisy environments. (110 dB) even in a working environment.

Work with two hands even while communicating

Bluetooth hearing protection headphones keep both hands available for work. Unlike making a mobile phone call in a typical noisy environment - which requires serious concentration to understand the caller's voice - you can now easily hear the caller in your ears. Thanks to hands-free operation and easier communication, you can continue working while receiving and making calls.

Most workers take it for granted that they can easily talk to their colleagues - in person or on the phone. But not those working in noisy environments. A bluetooth hearing protection headset gives these workers the opportunity to communicate more effectively - without having to stop working. No need to miss an important call, because you can talk immediately - even if you're sanding a piece of metal! And because you don't have to hold the phone, you can keep working, so you don't have to stop collecting billable hours.

Active hearing protection with Bluetooth technology allows you to make or receive calls without leaving a noisy work area, interrupting your work or removing your hearing protection. The use of our active ear defenders greatly facilitates safe working, as communication quality is perfect and both hands remain free while on the phone. And if you don't need to communicate while working, you can listen to your favourite music with the active earmuffs. You can listen to the audio content of your mobile phone wirelessly.

Other useful features

Bluetooth hearing protection earmuffs typically have a noise-cancelling microphone, noise level-dependent function, push-to-listen function and a built-in FM radio. When used with active hearing protection, electronic noise cancellation technology allows you to hear alerts and instructions in high noise environments. These Bluetooth earbuds feature easy-to-use control buttons.

The Bluetooth hearing protector automatically switches off after four hours of inactivity to extend battery life.

The active hearing protector is suitable for work in noise at varying volumes thanks to the built-in electronics. The ear protector's case completely covers the ear and the sturdy headband ensures comfort.

We offer you the opportunity to try hearing protectors either at our premises or at yours. Contact us to make an appointment for a trial.