Motorcycle Helmet Speaker

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With the help of a helmet mouthpiece, you can create a safer but also more enjoyable riding environment. You can communicate with your passenger or fellow riders while riding. This way, you can talk to your passenger comfortably without having to shout or signal with your hands. And on shared rides, you can warn other riders at a glance in the event of an accident.

Why should every rider benefit from a helmet speaker?

  • You can communicate safely with your fellow motorcyclists while riding. If I had to name just one benefit of a helmet speaker, it would be safer motorcycling. By using it, you can communicate with your fellow riders while riding, and everyone can immediately signal to the others if there is a big pothole around the next bend or other accident-prone conditions that could make the ride difficult.
  • Listen to music in comfort with Bluetooth connectivity. Most of the helmet speakers in our online shop also have built-in FM radios, so you can stay informed about road conditions while you're on the bike - or discover new radio channels if you fancy a change of pace when it comes to music. If you really like listening to music, go for the models with HiFi headphones, which provide clear sound and strong, but not distorted bass. And your favourite music is guaranteed to add to the experience.

Which headsets are available in our online shop?

You can find out more about the most important features of the following types on our category pages:

Wireless motorised intercoms

Today, we are looking for a wireless version of almost everything. Cables are often not only vulnerable, but can also reduce comfort by significantly restricting movement.

Intercoms that allow communication between two helmets, for example between passenger and driver, are connected wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection. They have a range of useful features, such as jack connectivity and remote control, and can be programmed via a PC to control a number of devices. Some intercom headsets maintain a Bluetooth connection up to 1600 metres.

Key benefits

  • Passenger and driver can talk comfortably
  • GSM phone, walkie-talkie or mp3 player can be connected to the device
  • Bluetooth connectivity guarantees convenience

Wired helmet speakers

We also offer wired models - whether you're looking for a reliable helmet headset for your bike or motorbike. The wired design can be easily attached to any helmet thanks to the long enough wires. We have models specifically designed for smartphones such as Android, iOs and Blackberry, as well as Albrecht, Motorola and other radio compatible headsets in our range above.

Do they provide clear sound even in high engine noise?

Yes. Helmet-mounted headsets are specifically designed for motorcycling, so even loud engine noise that can be deafening from the outside does not prevent clear communication between riders.

How long does the battery last?

It depends on the model, but the battery of an average intercom usually lasts between 8 and 15 hours. The battery can be fully charged in around 2.5 hours using the USB cable supplied with the device. Of course, the intercom can also be used while charging.

Easy to put on the helmet?

With the adhesive included in the packaging, you can easily attach the device in a snap. And the strong adhesive is also highly resistant to wind and rain, so there's really nothing to get in the way of communicating with others and listening to music.

By purchasing a helmet speaker, you're adding a device to your motorcycle gear that will reward you with confidence every time you ride. Create a safe environment and enhance your riding experience!