On-Board Camera

The primary purpose of a tachograph camera, also known as an on-board camera, is to record traffic events and to help identify the at-fault party in the event of an accident or a traffic dispute. The most common use is the in-car camera, but DND also offers truck, bicycle and motorcycle cameras.

They can be mounted with a suction cup or a special bracket and are typically charged via a cigarette lighter charger or USB plug. The footage captured by the camera is extremely useful in the event of a traffic dispute or accident, to assist reversing, but can also be used to make atmospheric travel videos.

The most common types of recording cameras

In-car cameras

The most common type of in-vehicle camera is the car safety camera. Developed specifically for car use, they can be easily mounted on the windscreen using suction cups or brackets, which are included in the package.

Motorcycle and bicycle recording cameras

Unlike car cameras, motorcycle and bicycle cameras require a special device such as a handlebar bracket, wrist strap or belt clip, so it is advisable to choose a camera specifically designed for this purpose.

Ride-hailing and reversing cameras

We also offer a dedicated reversing camera, which includes a camera and an LCD monitor to help make reversing trucks and lorries much safer.

Choosing a recording camera

To choose the perfect recording camera, the first thing to consider is the vehicle you want to record on, to ensure that the recording device included in the package is compatible with the vehicle. In addition, there are a number of functions, features and accessories available within each type of camera that should be considered during the selection process.

Charging cable

It is also worth considering charging options. Recording cameras can in most cases be charged on the move using a USB charging cable or cigarette lighter cable.

Night recording

Recording cameras with a night mode can help in the event of accidents and disputes at night, but are also very useful when reversing or parking.


Most recording cameras can record in HD or FULL HD resolution. For the best possible video quality, it is recommended to choose the camera with the highest resolution.

Viewing angle

The most common devices have a wide-angle lens with a field of view of between 120° and 170°.

GPS and motion detection

Some tachograph cameras have a built-in GPS to record the vehicle's route. In addition, some cameras also have a motion detection function, so that the camera automatically records as soon as something moves in front of the car or a shake is detected.

Parking mode

On-board cameras with a parking function will automatically start when parking if they detect shaking.

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