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Almost every household has at least one thermometer. The question is which one. An old traditional thermometer containing mercury, a digital thermometer or a non-contact infrared thermometer. But nowadays there is also a digital thermometer in a pacifier for babies. This type of thermometer is recommended for use from 3-24 months of age.

But what is the difference between these thermometers? The main difference lies in where the measurement is taken, on our forehead, under our armpits, in our mouth, in our ears, or the traditional rectal method. Of course, the most comfortable and stress-free option is to choose the non-contact, forehead measurement.

How accurate is the thermometer?

The use of a non-contact infrared thermometer is gentle and, above all, extremely fast. However, it is not always accurate. Because as quickly as the measurement results are obtained, you have to be very careful with these values. Why? Because many variables can influence the result. For example, the activity before the measurement, the time of day, the ambient temperature, and the distance from which the measurement was taken can all affect the result. In general, the accuracy of these instruments is plus/minus 0.3-0.5 degrees Celsius. What is the solution in this case to ensure accuracy? If we want to use this type of thermometer in the long term, we need to find out in which cases it gives an accurate reading. You may need to compare the temperature it measures a few times with the data provided by a digital thermometer. Using a digital thermometer is very simple. Whether you put it in your mouth, on your back, or in your ear, all you have to do is wait for the device to emit a beep to tell you that it has finished measuring. All you have to do is read the reading on the display on the side of the thermometer.

How long does it take to take a temperature reading?

It takes about 30 seconds for a digital thermometer to give an accurate reading if the device is correctly positioned. With non-contact infrared thermometers, it takes even less time because it takes about 5 to 10 seconds to give you the reading.

How does the thermometer work?

For conventional thermometers, which used to contain mercury, it is no longer available. But you can still find them in many households. When it is used, the mercury expands as the body temperature rises, showing on a scale exactly how hot your body is. And with a digital thermometer, there is a sensor at the end of the device that measures the temperature of the surface it is in contact with. In the case of a non-contact infrared thermometer, as the name suggests, it works by detecting infrared radiation from your body.

What type of display does the thermometer have? Is the result easy to read?

On the side of the digital thermometer there is a tiny LCD display that shows almost only the measured data. The non-contact infrared thermometer has a much larger LCD display, which makes the data much easier to see.

What extra features does the thermometer offer?

Non-contact infrared and digital thermometers have a separate beep to let you know if you have a fever, but the display also changes colour to indicate that you have a high temperature and need to seek medical attention. In most cases, the thermometer will turn red. If your body temperature is fine, the display will turn green, and if you have a temperature rise, it will turn yellow.

The device can store previous readings in its memory, but you can also select silent mode. There is also a very useful feature in these modern thermometers, namely the automatic switch-off function. After all, when a family member is ill, we may not always concentrate on turning the device off.

What type of batteries does the thermometer use? Are batteries included in the accessories?

The non-contact infrared thermometer uses AAA batteries. Batteries are included in the package on delivery. So when you receive your package from the DND Telecom webshop, you can start using your thermometer straight away. If you have a digital thermometer, it contains a mini battery that needs to be recharged at certain intervals. But you can take up to 1000 measurements between charges.

How do I clean and sterilise my thermometer? What methods can be used to prevent the spread of infection?

Non-contact infrared thermometers, because they measure the body temperature of a family member without contact, can be cleaned by wiping them with a clean, damp cloth after use at regular intervals. However, after using a conventional or digital thermometer, you should wipe it with a disinfectant wipe, as the device has come into contact with the person who used it and if you do not disinfect it, you may infect someone else within a short period of use.

Which age group is the thermometer recommended for?

We often hear from our parents that getting sick is not a game, it's serious business. Therefore, a thermometer is not for children. However, the fact that using a non-contact infrared thermometer is so easy is a bit of a nuance. Even a child could use it.

Can the thermometer be used in other areas, such as food or pharmaceuticals?

These devices have a very wide range of known uses. They are not only recommended for use in the home, but are also a popular device in the food industry or in the pharmaceutical field. Why? Because it is not only used to measure body temperature, but also to determine the temperature of liquids. But it can also be used to quickly and efficiently measure the surface heat of certain objects, food or drinks, which is often a great advantage.

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