Gel Battery

Gel batteries are very similar to their conventional lead-acid counterparts. By adding silica, a thin layer of electrolyte is formed inside the battery, creating a closed system, maintenance-free energy storage.

How do gel batteries work?

Batteries are basically made up of electrode cells immersed in an electrolyte liquid of a certain composition. The battery units have an electrical voltage between the cells when charged, so they are able to store electricity.

In the case of gel batteries, this electrolyte layer is "gelled" by soaking it in a fabric or other material and placing it between the cells, so that the liquid is airtight, does not sag or leak in the event of damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of gel batteries

Gel batteries work in a completely sealed system, so there is no need to worry about the liquid inside evaporating or leaking. Thanks to the air-tight seal, they are therefore shock-resistant and can be inserted in any position, standing or even lying flat. The gel-coating means that the inside of the battery is less likely to sulphate, so they also have a significantly longer life than conventional batteries. In return, their price is much higher than that of acid batteries.

The batteries require minimal maintenance due to the way they work, and each gel element has a valve to control the overpressure. Thanks to the valves, the gel batteries operate in a completely sealed system, so that the risk of leakage is almost negligible. In the event of damage, the liquid inside the batteries will not leak out, unlike lead-acid batteries, making them much safer to use. Another big advantage of gel batteries is that they produce no or very little smoke. As a result, they can be used in places where ventilation is not possible and can be charged almost anywhere.

In return, there can be a big price difference between gel and acid batteries. In the case of gel batteries, the specificities of recharging should be taken into account. Since the electrolyte layer is not a liquid but a gel, it must be disconnected from the mains as soon as the battery reaches its maximum charge level, otherwise the gel layer may be seriously damaged. Improper thermal management is one of the quickest ways to shorten battery life and this is no different for gel batteries. This type of energy storage is also highly susceptible to overheating, so proper cooling is essential to ensure long-term operation.

Gel batteries from DND Telecom

DND Telecom offers a wide range of gel batteries. And we are at your disposal for any questions! Our gel batteries are recommended for uninterruptible power supply or energy storage for cars, caravans, motor homes, boats, small boats, solar panels and wind turbines.

Our range of EMOS, Enersys and Fiamm maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid batteries can be the perfect solution for uninterrupted alarms, UPSs, telecommunications equipment, lamps and other equipment. The batteries are available in 6V and 12V voltages, some models are available with different connectors (Faston 4.8; Faston 6.3; M5 or M6 screw). Our product portfolio includes product variations from 0.8Ah capacity up to 100A capacity. Our company undertakes to replace the battery in uninterruptible UPS batteries if required.