Battery Charger

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All batteries have a life expectancy estimated by the manufacturer. However, it should always be taken into account that to achieve this lifetime, the battery needs to be properly used and maintained.

Not only can various battery regenerators and conditioners be effective in this respect, but a quality battery charger with useful features such as overcharging or output short-circuit protection can also greatly assist proper use.

Battery chargers in general

A battery charger is used in all areas of life, from everyday household tasks to the most demanding industrial jobs. While in our homes they are mainly used to charge the power source for our simple electronic devices, in industrial environments they often function as a work battery charger, with much higher voltage and power.

Cell battery chargers

The battery chargers in our range are typically used to charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries. These battery chargers are equipped with useful and essential features such as overcharge protection, which can significantly increase battery life over long periods of use.

The more professional models also have their own LCD display, which can show useful information such as capacity, time elapsed from charge and can also detect and display faulty batteries. Some types can also be used for testing and regenerating power supplies.

Gel battery chargers

A gel battery is a sealed battery that has a safety valve and contains a gel-like substance that makes up the electrolyte between the cells. It has a longer capacity and lifetime than conventional types. They also require less care and maintenance and do not require the addition of water.

Gel batteries are used to power more serious equipment, so the equipment used to charge them also has more sophisticated electronics and safety features such as output short-circuit and overheating protection. Gel battery chargers have advanced charging technology and a work battery charger can also allow charging while driving.

Briefly about battery maintenance

Regular battery maintenance is as important as proper use. The biggest threat to the life of a battery is so-called sulphation, which causes premature ageing and deterioration. This phenomenon is particularly dangerous for vehicles that are used less frequently, for example during a winter break. For this purpose, special battery regenerators and battery guards are used, which are a good solution to prevent this sulphate deposit and to remove it.

Battery regenerators significantly extend battery life

Battery regenerators can be particularly useful for less frequently used power sources, as they can simulate gentle driving to maintain them during an extended outage. Some types can also perform a charging function and can be used for lower power batteries.

The battery guard equipment

The most important function of battery guards is to prevent deep discharging and battery depletion. They operate by automatically disconnecting the equipment from the battery when its voltage falls below a predetermined level. They ensure that there is always enough voltage to start the engine and protect against total discharge, which can prevent, among other things, damage to the cells.

It is therefore important to always choose a reliable, quality product, whether for battery use or maintenance. With various maintenance equipment and the right battery chargers, you can do a lot to multiply the lifetime of your power packs. If you need a quality and durable solution, take a look at our online shop!