SoundOff Signal Loud Speaker

The emergency signal consists of a light signal (blue and red flashing) on ​​the one hand and an audible signal on the other. Accordingly, SoundOff Signal signals are an integral part of the emergency signal. The siren speaker is typically a passive, neodymium-based sound-generating device which can be distinguish according to their output power (100W, 200W, etc.) mounting, dimensions (to be easily placed in the engine compartment) and casing material (fiberglass composite, polyethylene, etc.). The siren controller is suitable for driving the siren speaker, it powers the speaker. At the same time, the siren amplifier is responsible for the sound tone coming out of the speaker, and we can switch the flashing pattern of the light bar and additional light signals on the controller. Some siren amplifiers also have a handheld microphone through which it is possible to speak, signal or instruct road users.
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Introducing Aftershock, SoundOff Signal’s first low frequency siren system for emergency vehicles. Aftershock’s low frequency sound waves produce deep warning tones, proven highly effective intraffic clearing. Ideal for high traffic areas and busy intersections, Aftershock is available withone or two speakers to meet your specific needs. Universal brackets included.
The picture and the price refers to the ETSKLF100 article number

• Input voltage range: 10-16 Vdc
• Current Draw: 8 Amps - 100 Watts
• Output voltage: 58-64 Vpk - pk
• Dimension: 6 cm x 11,9 cm x 12,7 cm

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 904.96€ (Net price: 712.57€)

• Speaker power: 50W
• Sound pressure level: 112±3dB
• Dimensions: 113.5mm (diameter) x 71mm (depth)
• The ETSS050M speaker, with ABS horn and steel bracket, is specially designed for extreme weather conditions and outdoor installations
• Long life, high acoustic quality and wide coverage

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 165.54€ (Net price: 130.35€)
2 products in total, page 1: 1 - 2 / 21