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An antenna is an electrotechnical device that can be used to transmit or receive (transmit and receive) a range of electromagnetic waves, radio waves. To ensure uninterrupted reception, a good antenna is needed, i.e. in addition to a reasonable price, it is important to consider quality, assembly and that the antenna fully performs its function as a transmitter and receiver. We offer the most professional antennas and accessories, and we can also help you with installation and setup!

A wide range of antennas

An antenna is an open resonant circuit tuned to the carrier frequency of the signal you wish to receive. The radio frequency power input at transmission will be radiated from the resonant circuit, and at reception the component of the external electromagnetic field with the same frequency as the resonant frequency will generate the highest voltage in the antenna. This is how antennas work, and buying them as a layman can cause some headaches.

In this product category you will find our full range of shortwave, CB, VHF, UHF, 2.4GHz and 5Ghz WIFI, WiMax, GSM, Tetra and multiband antennas. Our brands Alan, Midland, Diamond, Sirio and Carant include rooftop base antennas, car antennas with retractable and magnetic mount, handheld radio antennas, airband antennas and boat antennas.

Our portfolio includes scanner antennas, which are designed for explicit broadband reception.

Popular antenna types

  • Shortwave antennas: it is important to note that however advanced and high quality a shortwave receiver is, its performance can only be as good as the antenna it is fitted with. We offer both shortwave base antennas and automotive antennas.
  • CB antenna: Whether it's an entry-level handheld CB radio or a professional transceiver radio station, the performance of your device will depend largely on the type and quality of the antenna you choose.
  • VHF antenna: Stainless steel antennas result in lower wind loads and are recommended for use on smaller powerboats.
  • WiFi antenna: WiFi antennas convert EH waves into electrical signals, but also work the other way round. Wireless network devices - mobile phones, tablets, laptops - can only get a stable and fast internet connection if the WiFi antenna has the range and data transfer speed to match the needs.
  • Airband antenna: the aviation band used by civilian air traffic ranges from 108,000 MHz to 136,975 MHz. A popular activity among radio amateurs is to listen to communications between aircraft passing overhead.
  • Car antenna: The M6 drilled antenna available in our online shop is easy to mount and comes with 3 different adapters for M5, M6 and M7 screws.
  • GPS antenna: Easy to mount on the boot or roof to receive and decode GPS signals. If there is interference with satellite reception from, for example, tower blocks, it is advisable to mount the antenna on the roof of the vehicle to ensure proper reception.

Antenna accessories in one place

For each antenna, we also have the necessary installation tools and accessories, such as cables, connectors, antenna supports and masts, tools, SWR meters, lightning arresters, retractable antenna bases and magnetic mounts. Also worth highlighting are RF amplifiers and grounding clamps for coax antenna cables and WiFi antenna splitters. The accessories used with the equipment are at least as important as the antenna itself in terms of transmission clarity, as even a single faulty component can result in a significant loss of quality.

So you can order all the accessories you need to connect your antenna properly from a single online shop, which means that the mounting brackets and amplifiers, as well as the screws and other accessories, will arrive at the same time and in a short time.

Want to leave the antenna installation to the professionals?

We have professionals to install antennas on buildings or in vehicles as an extra service. On request, we can also provide lightning protection installation and wiring and a lightning protection protocol. Before buying an antenna, please read our article or contact us!

Choose your antenna or antenna accessories and installation from DND Telecom's range, contact our experts!