POC Radios

PoC radios (Push to Talk over Cellular), or LTE radios, are GSM-based transceiver radios that provide instant group communication at the touch of a button with traditional GSM network coverage. Depending on the brand of the device, each device comes with a SIM card provided and built by the manufacturer, but there are also manufacturers that allow the user to use their own GSM SIM card. This type of device has a favorable price / value ratio in certain areas of use, due to the fact that it does not require the construction of its own infrastructure and can typically be used throughout Europe. When buying a device, we have to separate 3 different fees. 1. Charge of the device as hardware. 2. GSM service fee. 3. PoC server service fee. Depending on the manufacturer and design, these are set in a single amount or can be purchased independently. If you are thinking on PoC radios, think with us!