Entel Advanced PC Dispatcher Software - 1 Year Subscription Extension

Entel Advanced PC Dispatcher Software - 1 Year Subscription Extension

• This article number includes 1 year POC Service subscription extension for the Advanced PC Dispatcher software

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 490.81€ (Net price: 386.47€)
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More details:

Software features:


• Group and individual calling
• Broadcast call
• Priority call (call interrupt)
• Talk Group Scan (multi-listen)
• Dynamic calls
• Contact book
• Local voice recording
• Call queueing
• Remote microphone live
• Fast static / dynamic call via click on a zone to users in the zone

• Send / receive text messages to / from a terminal
• Send text messages to some / group / all terminals
• Email & SMS gateway

• Emergency / Lone-Worker / Man-Down monitoring (requires emergency option on terminals)
• Configure Lone-Worker protection properties (requires emergency option on terminals)
• Display emergency caller location on map


• Communication with PMR / DMR radio users (requires Radio Gateway)
• Get information from device
• History
• Channel manager
• Take photo from terminals camera

• Real-time positioning and precise location on the map
• Detailed street view
• Center on map
• GPS history
• Customizable map window size (multi-screen use)
• Map zoom in / out
• Geofencing / zones (create / edit / delete virtual zones on the map)

Zone Management Properties
• Zone control (monitoring in / out)
• Disable channel change
• Modify zone shape / border
• Export / import zones: backup / restore zones
• Dynamic group over zone

Notifications Properties
• Passing in monitoring
• Passing out monitoring
• Check if empty monitoring
• Stay time monitoring
• Connect monitoring
• Disconnect monitoring

Lone-Worker Protection Properties (requires LWP option)
• Enable LW for users in zone
• Periodic check
• Man down
• Movement
• Track battery level
• Detect impact

GPS track history routes for each user

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