Light and Sound Signal Accessory

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The light signal accessories are mainly required for the installation of the yellow warning signals, various control buttons and switch panels for operation (on/off) and function change. In the case of audible warning accessories, the standard equipment in most cases already includes a multifunctional switch panel for controlling the sound and light signals, which may contain several function buttons.

The light and sound signalling accessories are essential accessories for mounting on the vehicle, especially for light bridges, for example universal or car-specific light bridge brackets. The choice of mounting for the light and audible warning devices depends on the design of the vehicle, whether it has a roof railing or roof rail, or whether it is already fitted with a luggage rack, an air deflector or, in the case of lorries, a roof batten.

Installation of additional lights and audible warning devices

Light-signalling switches

The primary consideration in the selection of switches is what is required by the Regulation, for example, in the case of a warning signal, it is required that a yellow indicator lamp is used to indicate operation. This may be an indicator lamp incorporated in the switch, but a separate indicator lamp may also be installed. The installation of the dome may take into account the vehicle's capabilities, the dashboard design, ergonomics or the user's needs. In the case of special, so-called "undercover" vehicles, it is also possible to use the factory switch to create a concealed design.

Touch-screen displays

In keeping with the spirit of the times, touch screen "switch" designs are now available as an accessory to the dome, with configurable outputs, switch or push-button functions, positive or negative connectivity, possibly with custom icons or different screen sizes.

Custom-made mounting brackets

Due to the increasing difficulty of fixing a switch or switch panel in today's ergonomic dashboard designs that take into account passenger safety, the use of 3D printing technology is now essential. This technology greatly facilitates the design and shortens the custom manufacturing process. Previously, the use of colour-graded custom brackets, constructed and manufactured from metal, has become obsolete due to the slow assembly process.

Manufacturers offer a range of solutions for mounting light and sound supplementary signalling devices, but sometimes custom solutions are necessary. Today, car manufacturers are increasingly using plastic or aluminium components in the bodywork, so sometimes new mounting methods, such as vacuum mounting bases or car-specific mounting solutions, are needed for the installation of the light and audible warning accessories.

For mounting of supplementary indicators, in most cases we use the manufacturer's solutions, but sometimes we have to design or manufacture a custom bracket.

Speaker mounting

Auxiliary siren speakers are securely mounted using a factory mounting bracket. With today's modern car conversions, it is always a challenge to find the point where not only a strong fixation, but also the propagation of the siren sound is most optimal.

Nowadays, with LED diode lights, the lifetime of the product has been extended, so that the periodic repair of mechanical parts has completely disappeared, nowadays limited to the replacement of the roof flasher and light bridge lens and dome. Polycarbonate-based lenses can only be repaired by polishing for a short period of time, as the UV protection layer is removed during the process, so in such cases it is preferable to replace the element.