Albrecht and Midland Car and Truck Mobile VHF Antenna

• Type: ¼ Lambda
• Frequency: 140-175 MHz
• Maximum power: 100W
• S.W.R.: 1:1,2
• Gain: 1.2dB
• Length: 51cm
• Weight: 300g
• Material: stainless steel
• Cable: 4m RG-58
• Antenna connector type: DV
• Hole diameter: 12mm

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 31.33€ (Net price: 24.67€)
In this category you will find a selection of drillable and magnetic VHF antennas from Albrecht and Midland. Several types of drillable base, tiltable and flexible steel rod antenna radiator are also available at our company. You will find different diameters of magnetic feet depending on the size of the antenna rod used in the product. Drillable and magnetic feet, cables and connectors are also available on our website.