RCA Connector

The abbreviation RCA comes from the name Radio Corporation of America. It was this company that began producing this type of connector in the early 1940s. This is where the name of this socket comes from. This connector was designed for low-current signal transmission, and was first used to connect home radios and record players, and is now used to connect almost all consumer electronics. Read more...

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What is the RCA connector used for?

Nowadays, this type of socket can also transmit a video signal. Analog and stereo as well as digital coax cables can be made with this type of plug. But nowadays, they are not only used in the home, but also in professional, high-end devices. The RCA connectors are colour coded to facilitate signal identification. What does this mean? Each signal has its own colour, the meaning of which is widely known. What are the most common colours? For example, red is for the right audio signal, white for the left audio signal and yellow for the composite video signal. Its abbreviation is YUV or YCrCb.

What devices is the RCA connector compatible with?

RCA sockets can transmit analogue, digital, component analogue video and composite analogue video signals. Therefore, the RCA connector is compatible with televisions, record players, CD or DVD players, speakers, amplifiers, cameras, Hi-Fi equipment and game consoles.

What are the different types of RCA sockets?

Phonograph connectors, or as many people call them cinch jacks, are available in a wide range of designs. The DND webshop offers a wide range of RCA connectors, whether you are looking for a high-end, professional-quality jack or a cost-effective version for home use. You can choose from soldered, crimp, clamp, cable clamp, panel and PCB mount connectors.

What types of signals does the RCA connector transmit?

RCA, also known as cinch socket, can be used for multiple types of signal transmission. In the past, our ancestors used it only to transmit analogue audio signals, but nowadays it has become extremely versatile. It is mainly used for consumer electronics, televisions, speakers, game consoles, etc. But RCA connectors are also often used for video cables. When playing games or working on a computer, digital S/PDIF audio signals are also transmitted via RCA connectors.

Is there a difference between gold-plated and non-gold-plated cinch jacks?

The simplest, most cost-effective RCA jacks are attached to the cable using an injection-molded process. Of course, these cheap, plastic-housed jacks will also pass the signal, but not with the best quality. Their durability is often a problem, as some will quickly become loose or even contact faulty with frequent use. Therefore, always make sure that only good quality RCA connectors are used. But how do we recognise cheaper RCA sockets? The conductive material of these types of connectors is bronze. Better quality RCA plugs include silver or rhodium plated versions, demagnetised bronze alloy or beryllium copper. If possible, choose plugs with gold plating, as these have better conductivity and corrosion resistance.

When should you choose stereo or mono RCA connectors?

RCA jacks allow trouble-free transmission of audio and video signals, which can be mono or stereo. All this is done via a two-strand cable, and a distinction is made between analogue and digital transmission modes. The use of a mono or stereo RCA connector depends on the device you are connecting.

How can RCA connectors be used to reduce noise or interference?

These types of sockets differ mainly in cable grip size, insulation and purity of conductive material. Therefore, it does not matter what material of connector is used. But we have already written about this above. It also makes no difference which cable is connected to the RCA socket, also known as the phonograph socket. Why? Because optical cables use light instead of electricity to transmit the signal. They therefore provide a cleaner transmission without interference.

A quality connector will always be an important element in signal transmission. Check out our RCA connector range in the DND webshop.