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Whether we are caravanners, boat owners, truck drivers or nature lovers, we all use some form of car equipment. The main purpose of these accessories, equipment and devices is to meet our basic needs or comfort on the road. These may include cooking, keeping food fresh, personal hygiene, ensuring cleanliness and safety, and maintaining a comfortable temperature. This allows us to explore more, see more, and stay out longer. Or as we say: mobile living, made easy.

Why do we buy car equipment?

When it comes to car equipment, there are many options available to make both your driving experience and your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. When and how far we take our motorhome on a trip varies, but in most cases the distance we travel in this type of car is between 600 and 1000 km. However, a lorry driver who also does international transport drives about 600 kilometres a day. That is 11 days in two weeks. In this case it is necessary to have the comfort of being at home. That is why the DND online shop offers a wide range of popular car equipment products. What are they? For example, car USB plugs, coolers, electric coolers, fridges, seat heaters and seat coolers, rear view mirror systems, caravan toilets, caravan skylights, caravan or van interior lighting, retrofit vehicle air conditioners, caravan kitchen equipment, battery-powered vacuum cleaners, car alarms and last but not least, gazebos.

Without a USB socket and a wireless charger, we shouldn't start!

A vehicle USB socket is a very useful piece of car equipment. These sockets are essential when you spend a lot of time on the road. With a USB plug, you can charge your phone, tablet or other entertainment electronics while driving. And with the built-in wireless chargers, you can easily charge your phone or navigation device without using a cable. They're essential when you use your phone to navigate, stream or stay in touch with friends and family.

When do we need a cooler and/or an electric cooler?

These car accessories are also essential to staying comfortable and cosy on the go. They help keep drinks and snacks cold on the road. Whether you are travelling in hot weather or just want to keep your food fresh, a cool box or electric cooler is a great investment. Choose a cooler that uses a cigarette lighter socket to keep your food at the right temperature.

Kitchen in your caravan should be well equipped, but without unnecessary car equipment!

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a caravan, where delicious meals are prepared. However, eating food prepared in the kitchen of your caravan is a great experience when you're outdoors. That's why it's terribly important what kind of caravan kitchen equipment you choose. But it's also important to pack as many glasses, thermos, plates, cutlery, napkins, pots and pans and mugs in the caravan cupboard as you are taking on the trip. There is no better way to cook food outdoors, but we should also be prepared to prepare lunch or dinner in the vehicle's kitchen in case of bad weather. It is therefore vital to have a fridge, freezer, gas cooker and a glass-topped sink in the kitchen. But make sure you only take car equipment that is indispensable.

The fridge is one of the essentials for your caravan

One of the most important questions is what kind of fridge to choose for your caravan or truck. A caravan fridge with a capacity of around 50 litres is a good choice, one that also has a freezer compartment. It's worth looking at whether a compressor or absorption fridge is the right choice for you. The compressor version is a bit noisier, but more affordable. But how does it work? The gaseous refrigerant in the appliance is compressed by a built-in compressor. This releases heat into the environment. There is also a condenser in the cooler that releases the heat generated during the reaction into the environment. This keeps this refrigerator cold. Absorption refrigerators are quieter than compressor models, but unfortunately they are much less efficient. Cooling is done by a water-ammonia mixture. We therefore recommend the compressor version. If you're going further afield, it's also worth getting a mini freezer.

Comfort is also the first priority when it comes to car equipment, so choose a seat heater or seat cooler for your vehicle!

Another important car equipment is seat heating and seat cooling. These are particularly useful in the colder and warmer months. Seat heaters and seat coolers are very useful car accessories even for shorter car journeys. Installing the universal ventilated seat cushion and heated seat cover is as simple as plugging the plug into the cigarette lighter socket and enjoying the comfort of your car equipment.

When to use a reversing camera?

A reversing camera is another important piece of car equipment that can help you drive and park safely. With a reversing camera you can see what is happening behind you, which can be particularly useful when parking. Because not all of us can feel where our car ends up. But reversing cameras are also a great help in the dark when parking, which is why it's worth choosing a model with a built-in LED. It's also handy to have a display that shows you how much distance you have left.

What is the preferred viewing angle when using a reversing camera?

It is best to use a camera when the angle of view is as wide as possible. The camera on the bumper should capture what is happening behind you from the widest possible angle. This provides greater safety when reversing and parking, as the system can detect objects and people who are not directly behind the vehicle. Modern reversing cameras can record from an angle of between 110° and 170°. But what resolution display should you choose for your reversing camera? Surprisingly, the resolution of the display plays only a minor role in the ability to see objects and people behind your car properly.320 x 240 pixel displays are sufficient to clearly see what is happening behind the rear of the vehicle.

Don't hit the road without a battery-powered vacuum cleaner!

Cleanliness is half the battle, so the saying goes, and even when we're on the road, vacuuming isn't one of our favourite pastimes. Especially when space is at a premium and entertainment is the main focus. So choose a model that's quiet, lightweight and, thanks to its 400 mm water column, can clean wet and dry dirt with ease. This makes emptying the tank quick and easy. Choose a mobile vacuum cleaner that can be powered by both 12 V and 230 V.

Increase your comfort with a mobile toilet!

As we like to go camping and go on long-distance trips, a caravan toilet is an absolute must-have car accessory. It allows us to take care of our hygiene needs even when we are far from civilization. But we can also rely on our portable toilets when we don't like to use sanitary facilities used by others. Our sense of comfort is greatly enhanced when we choose a mobile toilet for our caravan. There are several types to choose from when buying. A chemical toilet has a less noticeable smell and can be flushed with water. Dry toilets, on the other hand, are more environmentally friendly and cheaper, but have a more intense smell.

Let the sunshine and fresh air in through your caravan skylight!

A caravan skylight is a great way to let natural light and fresh air into the interior of your vehicle. With a caravan skylight, you can easily enjoy the view and feel the pleasant breeze while you're on the road.

Safety is the most important factor when choosing car equipment

To ensure that you can fully enjoy your holiday and not have to worry about your own safety and that of your caravan, it is an advantage to equip your vehicle with a touch switch, alarm siren and gas warning system. The alarm siren keeps unwanted visitors away and the gas alarm keeps an eye on your health. The gas alarm is very simple to use, just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and you can relax. It's a good idea to place the siren in a place where it can be heard from a distance in a campsite or car park, so that people can come to your aid.

The interior lighting of your vehicle will ensure that you can see everything at night

We can't pass by the interior lighting of a caravan or truck without saying something. With this car equipment, you can see well inside the vehicle even in the dark. It can also provide a cozy atmosphere and add a touch of style to your car or truck.

What kind and size of caravan do you want an air conditioning system in?

Before you buy an air conditioner for your caravan or truck, you need to know the size of the vehicle and how many people will be travelling in it. Because this will help us decide exactly which air conditioner is best suited to our needs?But why is it important how many people are travelling in it? Because depending on the number of passengers, the unit will run for longer and more often. But we also need to consider the insulation of the car when choosing an air conditioner for a motorhome. If it is a relatively new, well-insulated vehicle, the air conditioner will not need to run as often as in a car with many windows and poor insulation. You also need to decide before buying a roof-mounted air conditioner for your caravan whether you want to cool the whole vehicle or just keep the sleeping area at a comfortable temperature. It is also important to know what your personal comfort temperature is. Many of us prefer temperatures between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius and humidity between 40 and 70 percent.
One of the most common places to install an air conditioner in a motorhome is on the roof of the vehicle. It is usually best to install the system through an existing skylight. But you can also choose a mobile air conditioning system.

These units are placed near the floor, for example under the bed, or under the driver's seat in trucks. The cold air enters the interior of the vehicle through hoses that are routed upwards. For example, it can be used to cool only the seating area during the day and the sleeping area at night. It's the perfect choice, both for cooling comfort and without having to dismantle the roof. Most air conditioners are suitable for vehicles up to 6.50 metres in length.

To summarise, there are many different car equipment options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a USB plug to charge your devices, a cooler bag to keep your drinks cold, or a caravan toilet for camping, there's an accessory for everyone. So consider that investing in the right car gear today will add comfort and convenience to your next trip or excursion.