Icom ID-RP1200VD 1,2Ghz D-STAR Voice Repeater

Icom ID-RP1200VD 1,2Ghz D-STAR Voice Repeater

Key features of Icom ID-RP1200VD 1,2Ghz D-STAR Voice Repeater

鈥 Tx/Rx: between 1240-1300 Mhz, DV/DD/FM
鈥 Compatible with ID-RP2C controller
鈥 Integrated control function
鈥 Maximum 10W RF output power
鈥 Optional UX-262 LTE unit for wireless internet connection
鈥 Data transfer rate of 4.8kbps (DV) and 128kbp (DD)
鈥 Digital/analog mixed mode operation
鈥 High duty cycle operation

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 1,780.34鈧 (Net price: 1,401.84鈧)
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Further details of Icom ID-RP1200VD 1,2Ghz D-STAR Voice Repeater

* DD mode is available for ID-RP1200VD, 1200 MHz repeater only.

The ID-RP2010V/RP4010V/RP1200VD is a 144/430/1200 MHz Digital repeater compatible with the D-STAR as well as analogue FM for mixed mode operation. With an internal controller, the RF modules can function as a single band D-STAR/FM repeater. (ID-RP2C Controller is not required.)

For repeater owners with limited Internet resources, the optional UX-262 LTE Unit provides wireless Internet access. Combine the LTE unit and the Internet Gateway function, you can drop a repeater anywhere with LTE connectivity and be on the global network.

Integrated Controller Function

The D-STAR repeater, ID-RP2010V/RP4010V/RP1200VD has an integrated controller function with the RF module unit. Each repeater can work as an independent repeater to relay received signals. When connecting repeaters with a supplied Ethernet cable, cross-band operation is possible.

Compatible with Repeater Controller, ID-RP2C

These new D-STAR repeaters are also compatible with the external repeater controller, ID-RP2C. You can replace a repeater module in an existing ID-RP2 series D-STAR repeater site to use with the ID-RP2C repeater controller.

DD Mode Operation (ID-RP1200VD only)

The 1.2 GHz repeater, ID-RP1200VD works in either DV or DD mode (switchable). DD mode provides data communication and Internet access at 128 kbps. The IC-9700, which has 1.2 GHz DD mode, becomes your wireless modem through your computer鈥檚 Ethernet port.

Optional LTE Unit, UX-262 for Wireless Internet Connection

By installing the optional LTE unit, the repeater can be directly connected to an LTE network* and the Internet. When using multiple repeater modules in a site, one LTE network can be shared with the multiple repeater modules. (up to 4 modules)
* Network coverage provided by a generally available data SIM card. A static Global IP address is required for the Internet SIM.

Simple Internal Gateway Function

In combination with the optional LTE unit and simple internal Gateway function, a provisional D-STAR repeater site* can be easily deployed in the field in an emergency situation.
* Please check the legal requirements in your country before using the provisional repeater site.

D-STAR DV/Analogue FM Mix Mode Operation*

When using the Mix mode operation, the repeater receives both D-STAR DV and analogue FM mode signals and relays the received signal in the same mode. This Mix mode function is convenient for migrating an existing analogue repeater to an D-STAR repeater, while keeping analogue FM mode compatibility. Single mode operation (either DV or FM mode) is also programmable. For analogue FM mode operation, CTCSS, DTCS codes and 1750 Hz tone are programmable.
* The D-STAR gateway function cannot be used with FM mode signal.

High Duty Cycle Operation

Employing a high-performance power amplifier, the D-STAR repeater can endure up to 60 minutes of continuous transmission and provides a reliable high duty cycle operation at 25 W RF output*.
* 25 W RF output power for ID-RP2010V/ID-RP4010V. 10 W output for ID-RP1200VD

New RF Direct Sampling and FPGA Platform

The ID-RP2010V/RP4010V repeaters use the RF Direct Sampling method. For 1.2 GHz, the Down Conversion IF sampling is used in the ID-RP1200VD repeater. Signals are processed in the FPGA digital domain, that eliminated distortion and other elements seen in the legacy superheterodyne receivers. The result is receiver sensitivity that is greatly improved.

Other Features

19-inch rack mount 2U height low profile | CW ID/Voice ID transmitter | SD card slot for firmware update, saving setting data and FM mode Voice ID audio | 10 MHz reference signal input

Standard Accessories of Icom ID-RP1200VD 1,2Ghz D-STAR Voice Repeater

DC Power Cable

DC Power Cable

Ethernet Connector and Cable

Ethernet Connector and Cable

Spare Fuse

Spare Fuse

USB Cable (Micro)

USB Cable (Micro)

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