Albrecht ATR430 Horse Training Radio Set (1+49 Set)

Albrecht ATR430 Horse Training Radio Set (1+49 Set)
Albrecht ATR430 Horse Training Radio Set (1+49 Set)Albrecht ATR430 Horse Training Radio Set (1+49 Set)

Key features of Albrecht ATR430 Horse Training Radio Set (1+49 Set)

• Thanks to the 2.4 GHz ISM band, it can be used almost anywhere in the world
• Crystal clear voice transmission with a range of up to 200 m
• Approx. 18 hours operating time
• Simple operation
• 80 groups and low interference sensitivity due to digital transmission
• Frequency range: 2.4 GHz: 2400 - 2480 MHz
• Operation: built-in lithium battery 3.7 V / 1000 mAh
• Included in delivery: 1x charger case for up to 50 units, 49x ATR430 wireless receiver unit with various holders, rechargeable battery, 1x ATT400 transmitter unit including headphones for tour guide, rechargeable battery, belt clip and strap.

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 4,589.18€ (Net price: 3,613.53€)
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Further details of Albrecht ATR430 Horse Training Radio Set (1+49 Set)

Albrecht Tourist Guides are ideal companions and information brokers for tourism applications such as group tours, sightseeing, boat trips and much more.

The transmitters and receivers are also useful for communication between guides and participants in museums and factory visits.

The Charging Case Trolley is equipped with wheels and a retractable handle, making the case easy and effortless to transport.

The radios can be charged directly in the case: simply insert them into the included charging cradle and plug the case into a power supply. Inside the case, there are 60 charging trays into which the radios can be easily plugged. Charging time is approximately 3-4 hours.

• Intuitive operation
• Large display
• Easy to clean, hygienic headphones
• 3.5 mm headphone jack for all standard earphones
• Dimensions (one piece): 86 x 50 x 19 mm
• Weight (one piece): 50 g

Transmitters and receivers are grey/black and are not supplied in the colour shown in the picture.