DC/DC Voltage Converter

Direct current, or DC for short, is used in many areas of life and industry. Our mobile phones, tablets, GPS transmitters and radios all use this type of current. However, it is not always the same at what level of current a device requires: if the source is not suitable, we need a DC/DC converter to convert the input voltage to another voltage level.

There are several voltage converters in this category, so you're sure to find the right model for your needs.

How does a DC/DC converter work?

There are several types of voltage converters on the market. For example, AC/DC converters are very common, as they are able to convert AC mains power into DC power.The charger on your phone or laptop is a typical example, as batteries always require DC power.

DC/AC converters, on the other hand, work the other way round, transforming direct current into alternating current.For example, if you want to use the current from your car battery to power a mains device, you need an inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter. Finally, we come to DC/DC converters, which convert direct current into different voltages. Accordingly, they can turn 12V into 24, or even 48V into 24.

What types of DC/DC converters are there?

Step-down converters

Step-down converters are designed to reduce the input voltage. For example, if the device you want to use is 12V, but the available voltage is higher, you need a DC/DC converter of this type.

Step-up converters

Step-up converters convert the voltage in the other direction, i.e. increase the voltage. There are several types available in our webshop, depending on the output voltage you need to produce.

Step up/down converters

Step up/down converters are a combination of the versions described above. They can step up and step down the voltage, making them truly universal.

Applications of DC/DC converters

DC/DC converters can be used in any situation where the voltage required to power the device is not available.Typical applications are on boats where the 12V radio needs to be converted to 24V. Of course this is just one example, converters are proving useful in many areas of life and industry.

World brands in the DND range


The British brand Alfatronix is a very popular brand all over the world. In addition to their first-class DC/DC converters, we can also recommend their wireless chargers, USB connectors and other products.


Diamond Antenna Corporation from Japan is represented in our webshop with a range of products. What they have in common is that they produce 13.8VDC from 24VDC DC, but at the same time they have an outstanding range of load capacity.


Swedish brand Dometic is a leader in both residential and industrial applications. Their products are of the highest quality, both indoors and outdoors, and it is no coincidence that world brands rely on Dometic solutions. The Dometic DC/DC converters in our range can convert from 24 V to 12 V.

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