Alfatronix DD 12-24 600W Voltage Converter 12Vdc - 24Vdc

Alfatronix DD 12-24 600W Voltage Converter 12Vdc - 24Vdc

Key features of Alfatronix DD 12-24 600W Voltage Converter 12Vdc - 24Vdc

鈥 Input voltage range: 12Vdc (+/- 30%)
鈥 Output voltage: 27.2Vdc (+/- 5%)
鈥 Maximum current: 25A continuous
鈥 LED indication
鈥 Switchmode design
鈥 Power conversion efficiency: typically 93%
鈥 Life time warranty

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 340.95鈧 (Net price: 268.47鈧)
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Further details of Alfatronix DD 12-24 600W Voltage Converter 12Vdc - 24Vdc

鈥 If you need to fit 24V equipment onto a 12V electrical system, then an 鈥渦p鈥 converter from the DD Series offers a fast and easy way to configure your system. Now with a range from 72W (3A output) to 600W (25A output), these products offer state of the art designs for fast installation and long term reliable operation. Typical applications include the installation of 24V equipment on 12V vehicles and installation of specialist equipment requiring higher operating voltages.
鈥 The latest addition to the range includes two high current (17 and 25 Amps output) units. These use state of the art designs with efficiency up to 93% and practically all components are mounted using computer controlled surface mount technology (SMT). The result is a robust product with low component mass. The mechanical aspects include a brand new casing profile designed for maximum heat dissipation as well as a new design of our highly successful mounting cradle that allows the unit to be fully wired before being 鈥渃licked鈥 into place. This provides for a faster installation time with mechanics capable of withstanding long term vibration with no risk of screws falling out.
鈥 12V鈥24V converters are available in two casing formats. Units from 72-240W use the standard Alfatronix aluminium casings with polycarbonate endcaps and three point mounting cradle. The larger 400W and 600W units occupy a larger heatsink casing and utilise the heavy duty Phoenix connector. Installation is by way of the larger four point 'I' shaped mounting cradle.
鈥 The DD Series 12鈥24V products are available in either standard IP53 format (like most Alfatronix converters) or the ruggedised IP65 versions. Just add 鈥揜U to the part number. These are suitable where the installation is in a particularly hostile environment and subject to increased water and dirt exposure.

Technical Data:
鈥 Input voltage range: 12Vdc +/- 30%
鈥 Output voltage options: 27.2Vdc +/- 5% at extremes of temperature, load, input tolerance, etc.
鈥 Intermitting rating: Continuous rating +20%, taken for a maximum of 2 minutes followed by 8 minutes rest.
鈥 Transient voltage protection: Meets ISO7637-2 International standard for 12V and 24Vdc commercial vehicles
鈥 Electrostatic voltage protection: Meets ISO10605
鈥 Output noise: <100mV pk-pk at continuous load.
鈥 Off load current (quiescent current): <20mA (400W and 600W enable off), less than 100mA (72 鈥 240W units)
鈥 Power Conversion Efficiency: Typically 93%
鈥 Operating temperature: -25潞C to +30潞C to meet this specification table;+30潞C to +80潞C de rate linearly to 0A
鈥 Storage temperature: -25掳C to +70掳C
鈥 Operating humidity: 95% max., non-condensing
鈥 Casework: Anodised aluminium, glass filled polycarbonate, dust water and impact resistance to IP53. Ruggedised versions also available to IP65.
鈥 Connections: Four 6.3mm push on flat blade connectors (72W 鈥 240W). Five terminal connector with screw tightening with mating half supplied (400W and 600W units)
鈥 Output indicator: Green LED adjacent to output terminals
鈥 Mounting Method: Click 鈥榥鈥 fit mounting clip, fitted separately using three hole fixing (4 hole on 400W and 600W)
鈥 Safe area protection:
- Over current: Limited by current sensing circuit
- Over heat: Limited by temperature sensing circuit
- Transients: Protected by filters and rugged component selection
- Catastrophic failure: Protected by input and output fuses
鈥 Approvals: 2004/30/EC The general EMC directive, Regulation 10 The automotive directive , 93/68/EEC The CE marking directive
鈥 Designed to: EN50498, ISO 7637-2
鈥 Markings: CE

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