3M Peltor Hearing Protection Headsets with FM Radio

• Level dependent function for ambient listening. This function improves the wearer’s ability to hear warning signals, approaching vehicles and other dangers
• Built-in AM/FM radio receiver with stereo sound reproduction
• Knob for volume and channel adjustment
• A standard chassis jack for connecting Flex cords (FL6U-**) for various types of communication equipment – com radio, mobile or DECT
• High-attenuating shells with optimised acoustic design and excellent space for the ears for the best possible sound quality and comfort

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 151.15€ (Net price: 119.02€)
3M Peltor high attenuation earbuds with built-in FM radio receiver. Protect your hearing and listen to the radio at the same time. 3M Peltor hearing protection ear muffs with noise-dependent function for increased safety when working in noisy environments. Earphones integrated with the AM / FM radio allow you to listen to the FM radio or an external device (MP3 player, mobile phone) while listening to your surroundings and communicating with your colleagues without removing the earphones. These hearing protectors can help improve user safety and motivation in noisy environments. The active volume 3M Peltor hearing protection radio provides convenient, effective protection against harmful noises. At the same time, it provides increased security because its active volume function attenuates loud noises while amplifying the weak ones. The FM radio receiver provides an extra work experience and the sound is reproduced in stereo, and the bass provides a real musical experience.