Two-way radio rental

In some cases renting a two-way radio could be more cost effective than purchasing one. These cases could be the followings:

- Short term usage
- Temporary extension of a two-way radio system
- Seasonal events

Benefits of renting over purchasing

- The cost of rental fee is fully eligible
- There is no amortisation cost
- Flexible planning, you only pay for the time you actually rent it
- No service fee or maintenance cost
- Always have the latest type of radio and accessory
- There is no license administration or frequency license fee

In our device park there are more than 100 pcs Icom handheld VHF and UHF two-way radio. You can use the radios pre-programmed according to your needs as an extension of an existing system or as a stand-alone system.

The maintenance and development of our device park is our first priority. The quality of the rental headsets and hand microphones are checked at regular intervals just like the radio batteries. Specified periodic testing and regeneration of the batteries warrant the long lifetime and capacity.

Rental prices

(from Friday to Monday morning)
1 week
(7 days)
1 month
(30 days)
Radio device
(with battery, antenna, belt clip and charger)
EUR 2,25-EUR 3,-
(EUR 1,- /day)
EUR 10,-
(EUR 1,43- /day)
EUR 20-
(EUR 0,67- /day)
Spare batteryEUR 0,75-EUR 1,25-
(EUR 0,42- /day)
EUR 5,-
(EUR 0,71- /day)
EUR 15-
(EUR 0,5- /day)
HeadsetEUR 0,75-EUR 1,25-
(EUR 0,42- /day)
EUR 5,-
(EUR 0,71- /day)
EUR 15-
(EUR 0,5- /day)
* The radio licence fee isn't included in the yearly rental cost.

Above net prices are valid per device while our stock last

The radios have 4 channels pre-programmed. If you need more radio channels or to program the radios to your frequency, in order to make it compatible with your existing radio system, we charge EUR 2,5 + VAT programming fee per device.

Additional services

- If needed the radios are delivered to the desired location in Hungary for a delivery fee
- The duration of the rental we can provide oversight
- Renting mobile radios or repeaters are also available to extend the coverage area

Our company has ISO 9001:2015 and AQAP 2110 quality system in the field of renting of radios and other wireless telecommunication devices.