Triax EDS 01 F Terminated 2-hole Socket

Triax EDS 01 F Terminated 2-hole Socket
Triax EDS 01 F Terminated 2-hole Socket       Triax EDS 01 F Terminated 2-hole Socket

Key features of Triax EDS 01 F Terminated 2-hole Socket

鈥 Specially designed for SAT IF systems with optional DVB-T operation
鈥 Impedance: 75 惟
鈥 TV connector: IEC male
鈥 TV frequency range: 5...862 MHz
鈥 SAT frequency range: 950...2400 MHz
鈥 Output type: discontinued
鈥 Isolation TV-SAT: 20,0 dB

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 5.57鈧 (Net price: 4.38鈧)
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Further details of Triax EDS 01 F Terminated 2-hole Socket

2-hole SAT antenna output socket suitable for multi-switch installations, single cable solutions and custom SAT installations.

鈥 Extremely low attenuation due to selective distribution of frequency bands by filters
鈥 Outputs for SAT IF (F socket) and RADIO/TV (IEC connector)
鈥 Remote inputs and DiSEqC compatible SAT-IF outputs as direct F-terminals for SAT receiver
鈥 Sealed connector
鈥 Applicable cable diameters - internal conductor: 0,58...1,15 mm
鈥 Applicable cable diameters - F-connector: 0,6...1,13 mm
鈥 Applicable cable diameters - outer conductor: 3,7...5,8 mm
鈥 Applicable cable diameter - jacket: 4,5...7,2 mm
鈥 Via Loss IN-TV: 1,2 dB
鈥 Loss through IN-SAT: 1,2 dB
鈥 Return loss IN: 11,0 dB
鈥 Return loss SAT: 10,0 dB
鈥 Return loss TV: 12,0 dB
鈥 Shielding @ 30-300 MHz: 鈮 95.0 dB
鈥 Shielding @ 300-470 MHz: 鈮 90,0 dB
鈥 Shielding @ 470-1000 MHz: 鈮 85,0 dB
鈥 Shielding @ 1000...2400 MHz: 鈮 65,0 dB
鈥 Tensile strength - 1st inner conductor (脴): > 25 @ 0,75 mm N/mm2
鈥 Tensile strength - 2nd inner conductor (脴) : > 50 @ 1,13 mm N/mm2
鈥 Connection strength - 酶 1,1: 25 N
鈥 Filter efficiency: EN50083-2 (class A + 10 dB)
鈥 DC Passthrough SAT: yes (max 24VDC / 0.5A)
鈥 MTBF (mean time between failures): >1.000.000 hours
鈥 Temperature - operating: -25...55 掳C
鈥 Temperature - storage: -25...55 掳C
鈥 Temperature - transport: -40...70 掳C
鈥 Main material: zinc die casting
鈥 Dimensions: 70.6 mm (height) x 70.6 mm (depth) x 21.9 mm (width)
鈥 Net weight: 0,102 kg