SSB Aircom Premium FRNC Coaxial Cable

SSB Aircom Premium FRNC Coaxial Cable

Key features of SSB Aircom Premium FRNC Coaxial Cable

• Impedance: 50 ± 2 Ohm
• FRNC, Halogen-free
• Frequency max: 12 GHz
• Internal wire: 1 x 2.75 mm Hybrid CCA bare copper clad aluminium wire
• Shielding: copper foil + copper fabric
• Outer cable diameter: 10.2 mm
• Loss data:
- 10 MHz: 1.05 dB / 100 m
- 100 MHz: 3,42 dB / 100 m
- 200 MHz: 4,51 dB / 100 m
- 432 MHz: 7,22 dB / 100 m
- 800 MHz: 10,55 dB / 100 m
- 1800 MHz: 16.16 dB / 100 m
- 2400 MHz: 19.00 dB / 100 m
- 5000 MHz: 29.45 dB / 100 m
• Colour: black
• Manufacturer's item number: 60600F

• Packing unit: 102 metre(s)
Gross price (including 27% VAT): 7.00€ (Net price: 5.51€)
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Further details of SSB Aircom Premium FRNC Coaxial Cable

Aircom Premium FRNC is an ultra-low attenuation coaxial cable with an upper limit frequency of 12 GHz. It is characterized by a very low weight and a very low attenuation. The high-precision shaped aluminum inner conductor is enclosed by a copper foil, which is applied to the inner conductor and welded there. The skin effect ensures a high-performance RF line. The precise formability of the aluminum core is responsible for almost no defects in the entire frequency range. In addition, the new cable of the Aircom family is most suitable for digital modulation methods, as it is very low in intermodulation.

The extremely low attenuation of Aircom Premium FRNC is achieved by a low-loss PE dielectric. The material is also resistant to moisture. In order to achieve good shielding with low losses, the outer conductor of the Aircom Premium is made of two layers of copper: on a thin, overlapping copper foil, a shielding braid with a coverage of 75% is applied. The film is PE-coated on the inside and thus protected against crack formation with a single too small bending radius. The jacket of the cable is made of special thermoplastic copolymer, the halogen-free, flame-retardant material FRNC (Flame Retardant Non Corrosive). As a result, Aircom Premium FRNC has a low fire load, low fire propagation and minimal flue gas development. Aircom Premium FRNC is a coaxial cable for most applications in the news and radio technology: it is flexible, low-attenuation and anti-radiation.

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