Hearing Protection and Eye Protection

3M Peltor safety eye-wears, earplugs, hearing protection headsets and communication headsets represent world-class quality between two-way and active listening headsets for use in hazardous, noisy environments. A wide range of headsets and hearing protectors can be used in many noisy environments, such as shooting ranges or hunting while using weapons, next to noisy production lines, or in an airport at ground handling of an aircraft, but special headsets are also available for explosive environments. In addition to simple single- or reusable earplugs, shooting eye-wear for shooting or safety, passive hearing protection headphones, active headphones with electronic noise reduction, PMR446 or professional two-way radio-integrated hearing protection headsets, there are many products available in 3M Peltor product portfolio. 3M maintains a separate product line for children's hearing protection as well as for military use.