Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015

Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015
Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015
Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015
Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015
Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015

Key features of Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015

鈥 Full HD quality
鈥 DVB-T and DVB-T2 services reception
鈥 Connectors: 1脳 USB 2.0, 1脳 HDMI 1.4, 1脳 miniUSB, 1脳 IEC, 1脳 SCART
鈥 Fine tuning automatic and manual
鈥 Fine tuning frequency range: 174-230MHz, 474-860 MHz
鈥 Recording capability (PVR) via USB
鈥 Power supply: 100 V/240 V AC 50-60 Hz
鈥 Photo formats: jpeg, bmp, png, gif, tiff
鈥 Video resolution: 1080p/1080i/720p/480p/576p/480i/576i
鈥 Video formats: .avi, .mpg, .dat, .vob, .div, .mov, .mkv, .mjpeg, .ts, .trp, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpeg1, h264, h265
鈥 Audio formats: mp3, aac, m4a, mpa, wav, wma
鈥 Dimensions: 120 脳 75 脳 25 mm
鈥 Any HMDI cable is suitable for connecting this set top box

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 33.59鈧 (Net price: 26.45鈧)
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Further details of Emos EM190-L DVB-T2 Set-top Box Indoor Unit J6015

鈥 Small but powerful DVB-T and DVB-T2 receiver
The EM190-L set top box is very small, making it ideal for hospitals, hotels, guesthouses, nursing homes with thousands of LED TVs without DVB-T2 support, so adding a standard set top box with an additional remote control would create another problem not only for older users but also for installers who would have to keep going back for error messages every time someone selects the wrong input on the TV. It will also be appreciated by those who want to use a single remote control.

鈥 Infra sensor included with the remote control
Thanks to its small size, the EMOS EM190-L set top box is very easy to mount on the back of the TV, avoiding the sight of an additional piece of equipment. All you have to do is connect (with the 1 metre cable) the external infra sensor, program the universal remote control from the original remote control and switch off the front panel in the menu so that it does not interfere with the TV behind you. From now on you will only use one remote control and you will not even notice that a set top box is connected. Of course, the receiver also includes a built-in infrared sensor, and if the receiver is installed under the TV in the classic way, there is no need to connect an external infrared sensor.

鈥 Easy installation
The EMOS EM190-L can be easily connected to any TV, antenna or other device thanks to its numerous rear inputs and outputs. Once connected, it is easy to set up, aided by an intuitive menu, setup wizard and automatic program search.

鈥 USB playback and recording
A USB memory or external hard drive can be connected to the front panel connector. So you can watch your favourite film or series at any time - on the big screen, without commercials. You can record TV movies to the USB memory while watching another channel live (within a multiplex). You can also start and stop recording yourself, or even use the 'timer' function. It allows you to turn the recording on and off automatically, even at regular intervals.

鈥 The package includes the smart remote control
With the included long-range remote control, the possibilities are almost limitless. The remote control has 4 programmable, teachable TV control buttons - TV Power, Vol+, Vol-, TV/AV. Once these have been programmed from the TV's original remote control, the universal remote control allows you to control basic functions directly. You can remove the TV's original remote control and control the set top box and TV with a single remote control. Even after the batteries are removed, the trained codes are retained in memory. A simplified remote control is also available, with large buttons and no MENU button. This remote control is recommended for users who do not wish to interfere with the set top box settings and for all users who appreciate large buttons and ease of use.

鈥 Multimedia centre
Not just an ordinary set top box, but also a high-end multimedia centre offering thousands of hours of entertainment. In addition to a wide range of TV channels, you can tune in to many radio stations and play movies and music from a USB drive, or enjoy photo shows with music.

鈥 A joy for every conscientious parent
A joy for all conscientious parents You can easily delete channels from the preset channels or password protect adult content channels. So you can control what your children can watch on TV. If you want to control screen time, you can use the parental lock function. This makes it easy to password-protect the whole set top box.

鈥 Set top box certified
Only digital TV receivers that are "DVB-T2 certified" can be sure that they can decode this type of broadcast. 膶esk茅 Radiokommunikace a.s. only certifies set top boxes that have passed independent tests. The EMOS EM190-L H265 is one of them.