Triax GEDU 20 Loop Through Socket (discontinued)

Triax GEDU 20 Loop Through Socket
Triax GEDU 20 Loop Through SocketTriax GEDU 20 Loop Through Socket

Key features of Triax GEDU 20 Loop Through Socket

鈥 Impedance: 75 惟
鈥 IN-OUT connector: spring clamp end
鈥 TV connector : IEC male
鈥 RF connector : IEC socket
鈥 Frequency range IN-OUT: 5...2150 (2400) MHz
鈥 Frequency range TV: 5...2150 (2400) MHz
鈥 Frequency range RF: 5...2150 (2400) MHz
鈥 Output type: loop through
鈥 Isolation OUT-FM: 40.0 dB
鈥 Isolation OUT-TV: 40,0 dB
鈥 Isolation TV-FM: >24,0 dB

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.

Further details of Triax GEDU 20 Loop Through Socket

2-output super wideband sockets. Designed for CATV (cable TV) and SAT IF distribution. Distribution connection alternatives for terminal equipment. Continuous CATV frequency ranges with reverse channel options. Benefit: Flexible application and storage.

Wideband junction box with Sat IF content. Continuous frequency range 5-2400 MHz on both sockets (universal socket box). Benefit: Upgrading or retrofitting of broadband home network with direct satellite reception is always possible.

鈥 Applicable cable diameters - inner conductor: 0,58...1,15 mm
鈥 Applicable cable diameters - F-socket: 0,6...1,13 mm
鈥 Applicable cable diameters - external conductor: 3,7...5,8 mm
鈥 Applicable cable diameter - jacket: 4,5...7,2 mm
鈥 Loss through IN-OUT: 0,8 卤0,4 dB
鈥 Loss through IN-OUT @SAT: 1,4 卤0,4 dB
鈥 Loss via IN-TV: 20,0 dB
鈥 Loss through IN-RF: 20.0 dB
鈥 Return Loss IN: 19.0 dB
鈥 Return Loss OUT: 20,0 dB
鈥 Return loss FM: 15,0 dB
鈥 Return loss TV: 15,0 dB
鈥 Shielding @ 30-300 MHz: 鈮 95.0 dB
鈥 Shielding @ 300-470 MHz: 鈮 90,0 dB
鈥 Shielding @ 470-1000 MHz: 鈮 85,0 dB
鈥 Shielding @ 1000...2400 MHz: 鈮 65,0 dB
鈥 Tensile strength - 1st inner conductor (脴): > 25 @ 0,75 mm N/mm2
鈥 Tensile strength - 2nd inner conductor (脴) : > 50 @ 1,13 mm N/mm2
鈥 Filter efficiency: EN50083-2 (Class A + 10 dB)
鈥 MTBF (mean time between failures): >1.000.000 hours
鈥 Temperature - operating: -25...55 掳C
鈥 Temperature - storage: -25...55 掳C
鈥 Temperature - transport: -40...70 掳C
鈥 Main material: zinc die casting
鈥 Net weight: 0,096 kg