Mouth Mask FFP2 (particle filtering half mask, face mask)

Mouth Mask FFP2 (particle filtering half mask, face mask)
Mouth Mask FFP2 (particle filtering half mask, face mask)Mouth Mask FFP2 (particle filtering half mask, face mask)

Key features of Mouth Mask FFP2 (particle filtering half mask, face mask)

• FFP2 particle filtering half mask and mouth mask
• Single shift (8 hours) maximum use time particle filter half mask
• Effectively filters solid (fine dust) and liquid particles (mist) as well as adhering bacteria and viruses
• Minimum 95% filtration efficiency
• 5 layers of protection for respiratory protection
• Enhanced protection thanks to the face-fitting design
• Metal strip at the nose with stiffener for shaping and precise fixation
• CE certified
• EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR compliance
• Packaging: 20 individually packaged FFP2 masks per box. For orders of less than 20 masks, a half mask is delivered individually packaged.

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Further details of Mouth Mask FFP2 (particle filtering half mask, face mask)

In the case of filter-type respiratory protective devices (such as the currently proposed FFP2 and FFP3 filter class respiratory protective devices), the inhaled air flows through a filter that removes and/or binds particulate and gaseous/vaporous pollutants by retaining and filtering the pollutant. Ambient air-dependent respiratory protective devices are intended to reduce the inhalation of airborne pollutants to a level that is not harmful (tolerable) to health. At the same time, this means that we cannot expect complete, i.e. 100% protection. The reason for this lies in under-suction. In the case of under-breathing, ambient air can enter the interior of the respirator (directly into the breathing zone) from the ambient air along the face and the closing frame of the respirator, as well as at the valves and other structural components. Filtering Facepiece Particulare (FFP) is the symbol for particle filtering half masks. They are classified into Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 according to their performance, filtration efficiency and maximum total aspiration.

An important rule is that a filtering-type respirator should not be used by workers with beards because the hair prevents the face and the rim of the respirator from closing or inflating.

Particulate filtering half masks are disposable, their protection time cannot be predetermined, and is mainly a function of the concentration of air pollutants in the workplace air, among several factors.