Motorola MotoTRBO R7 VHF Handheld Radio with Display

Motorola MotoTRBO R7 VHF Handheld Radio with Display
Motorola MotoTRBO R7 VHF Handheld Radio with DisplayMotorola MotoTRBO R7 VHF Handheld Radio with DisplayMotorola MotoTRBO R7 VHF Handheld Radio with Display

Key features of Motorola MotoTRBO R7 VHF Handheld Radio with Display

• Programmable between 136-174MHz
• 1000 programmable channels
• 2.4” 320 x 240 px. QVGA colour display
• Full Keypad
• Freeform Text Messaging
• 3 programmable buttons for easy operation
• Adaptive dual microphone noise cancellation
• Small compact housing
• Features can be extended with optional software licenses
• Maximum 5W RF output power
• Text-to-speech function
• IP68 dust and water resistance
• Integrated Wi-Fi (optional)
• Basic accessories: battery, quick charger, belt clip, antenna
• This product is available with additional software features and optional license extensions

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 1,033.46€ (Net price: 813.75€)
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Further details of Motorola MotoTRBO R7 VHF Handheld Radio with Display

• With the included 2200mAh Li-ion battery pack, model number PMNN4807A, the device can operate for up to 14.5 hours in analogue mode and up to 19 hours in digital mode under typical usage. (Tx: 5%; Rx:5%; Stand by:90%)
• The R7 series radios are IP68 rated for dust and water resistance and MIL STD 810 C, D, E, F, G and H military standard compliance
• The basic control interface consists of just one volume, one channel selector and one PTT button. The 3-colour LED display on the unit keeps the user informed of the operations being performed (start transmission, change channel, etc...)
• Large, ribbed transmit button that is easy to press even with gloves on
• Lone worker function allows the unit to emit a tone if the radio has not been touched for a certain period of time (1-255 minutes), which can only be cancelled by pressing the red emergency button. If the emergency call button is not pressed within a specified time (1-255 seconds), the radio will automatically make an emergency call and alert the dispatcher or co-worker that something may have happened to the colleague
• Adjustable output RF power (1/5W)
• Intelligent volume control feature allows the unit to automatically adjust the volume of the unit depending on background noise
• Channel bandwidth: 12. Disinfectant / disinfectant resistant
• Interrupt transmission
• Remote monitoring
• Radio off / enable
• Secure processor
• IMPRES battery management (optional)
• Over- the-Air battery management (optional)
• Main channel reminder
• Late check-in
• Priority search
• Intelligent sound
• Indoor Location Tracking (option)
• Event-Driven Location Update (option)
• Outdoor Location Tracking (option)
• Bluetooth Audio (option)
• Bluetooth Data (option)
• Advanced Dual Microphone Noise Suppression
• Integrated Accelerometer
• Digital Certificates
• Work Order Ticketing
• Day / Night Screen Mode
• Action List

Software Features:
• GNSS: option
• Wi-Fi: option
• Bluetooth (Audio and Data): option
• Indoor Location: option
• Man Down (Fall Alert): option
• Audio Recording: option
• Generic Sensor: option
• M-Radio Control App: option
• Transmit Interrrupt Encode: yes
• Enhanced Noise Cancellation (SINC+): yes
• Mute Mode: yes
• Receive Audio Levelling: yes
• Text to Speech: yes
• Transmit Inhibit: yes
• Response Inhibit: yes
• MDC and 5-Tone: yes
• Digital Telephone Patch: yes
• Radio Inhibit/Radio Disable: yes
• Authenticated Radio Disable/Remote Monitor: yes
• Third Party Applications: yes
• Intrinsically Safe Models (UL/TIA4950): yes
• Basic Privacy (Standard R7a only not available in TIA models): yes
• Enhanced Privacy: yes
• AES256 Privacy: option

System Supported
• Analogue Conventional: yes
• Digital Conventional: yes
• IP Site Connect: yes
• Capacity Plus (Single and Multi): yes
• Capacity Max (Advantage and Full): option

Standard Accessories of Motorola MotoTRBO R7 VHF Handheld Radio with Display

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